Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

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Must order dish from Mad For Garlic!

used burpple 1-for-1 on garlic sizzling rice + grilled chicken & mushroom risotto, and ordered the garlic snowing pizza which was so fragrant and yum (the thin crust is to die for). loved how they added fried garlic in all their dishes for the extra flavour 🤤 good for sharing as it got abit jelat for me after eating the same dish constantly.

⭐️ 4/5, will try their pasta dishes next and order the garlic snowing pizza again!

• Risotto was slightly oily, could not taste garlic flavour, and nothing unique
• Chicken was tender, juicy, and charred well
• Overall, the grilled chicken and mushroom risotto did not complement each other well
• Overall Verdict: 3/5

Grilled chicken and mushroom risotto ($25) a must have - risotto not overcooked, general serving of mushroom. The kale was added for good measure. Good dish in general.
Sizzling garlic rice ($23) also very flavourful, and the fish roe added a delightful crunch. Thoroughly enjoyed both dishes. Not my first time here. Can't really go wrong with this place. The only thing is that they are quite understaffed, so you may need to wait to bit to be seated and/or served. They also only provide bottled watter ($1 per bottle Dasani), no complimentary tap water.

Loved the garlic sizzling rice ($25)! It's flavourful and the fish roe added a nice crunch to it. Garlic isnt overpowering either. They were very generous with the mushrooms in the risotto ($25), and the chicken is tender and juicy as well. Would recommend these two dishes. They only serve bottled water, so we got a Yuja ade ($7) to go with our meal. The soda is refillable though.
Used burpple beyond 1-1, but unsure if I'd pay full price to dine here.

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The grilled chicken’s skin was crispy while the meat was tender! Mushroom risotto was really tasty too as they added lots of mushroom 👌🏻

I am a huge fan of garlic so this was a place I wanted to visit for a long time! We used burpple beyond for this and ordered 2 rice dishes. He had the Garlic Sizzling Rice and I opted for the Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Risotto. I love how tender the chicken was, and the garlic taste in the risotto was not too overpowering, but enough to remind you its there with every spoonful. The sizzling rice had fried garlic pieces sprinkled all over the top, it was a really nice touch. Overall, the garlic in these 2 dishes aren’t too overpowering, but it wouldn’t be ideal for first dates/people who don’t fancy garlic. We will definitely be back!

✨ ratings: 7/10 ✨

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to enjoy 1 for 1 pizzas & 1 for 1 rice or risotto.

The grilled chicken & mushroom risotto was one of the highlights for the table as it packs a small punch with jalapeño!

The grilled chicken was juicy & succulent with a slight char on the skin, paired with the perfectly cooked risotto.

The garlic sizzling rice was basically a fried rice made extra fragrant due to the addition of garlic to the entire dish. , it could definitely do with more ingredients than just rice, bits of bacon and peppers. The risotto was flavourful and the chicken was thick and juicy, but $25 for it was kinda expensive as the ingredients were all pretty basic. Prices can be quite steep, ranging between $20 to $40 for each main, but justified by the huge portions. Would recommend this place only if you feel like you deserve a treat, or else opt for a cheaper version and just get tze char.

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Not only is it a glossy feast for the eyes, it is also a quintessential favourite for some.
Chicken and mushroom have always been one of my favourite combinations, as they pair wonderfully together. Hence, when I saw that they offered this dish at Mad for Garlic, I knew that I had to try it out. This hearty entrée possessed a velvety creaminess from the stock, and earthy essence from the mushrooms. Crispy at the edges, the chicken thigh fillet was perfectly grilled to give a nice golden glaze.
It was pretty spicy as there was Jalapeño infused in the risotto. Personally, I felt that the spiciness could have been toned down to make it less numbing, as the attention was diverted away from the true flavours of the dish. I also expected the garlic taste to be more prominent.
Notably, the other pasta dishes are prettyyy spicy. Do take note of the spiciness level before ordering any of them!
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 7 ants
💰Value: 7 ants
📍Convenience: 8 ants

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