Kaisen Don

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Chase away Monday blues with a visit to Hana Hana, Teppei's second Tras Link outlet. Come for their Monday lunch special β€” the famed Kaisen Don ($17.60) served with a free scoop of Negitoro alongside refillable side dishes such as stewed meat and potatoes or bean sprouts tossed in soy sauce. Burppler whollyhonestreviews "loved the clam in the Kaisen Don, and the fact that the sashimi are all in thick chunks." Try to get here around noon to snag a seat!

Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

Daily special: kaisen don with white fish tempura. The food here comes with a drink and complimentary salad (radish + salmon). I did'n see the free bean sprouts in this outlet. Prices are also nett.

$43 for the 2 of us (incl GST). It’s a small restaurant on the side of Orchid Hotel.

Bae had the classic Kaisen Don ($17.60). It was nice, but I have had better with bigger portion. I had the pork don - the pork was flavorful but a little dry (see picture).

Ambience wise, it’s a small and cozy place. Staff are friendly - there were two birthdays during our dinner and they actually put a candle on the rice bowl and turned off the lights for the celebration πŸ₯³


Loved the clam in the Kaisen Don, and the fact tt the sashimi are all in thick chunks

They also randomly serve some treats to customers to end off the meal. If you're lucky, you might be treated to kyoto grapes to end off ur meal. If you're unsure whether u're lucky, you might be served with grasshopper while being told it's ikan bilis.. This place apparently has the same owner as man man unagi, albeit in my opinion, man man is still better. The duration of grill is shorter here, rendering the unagi less crispy and its bones more telling. Still tasty tho. Sometimes they have a special of kaisen don and unagi combo bento for $19.80.

Place opens at 11.45am for lunch.

Manager's lunch treat!

The raw salmon and tuna chunks were generously cut into big cubes and drizzled with bara sauce. The kaisen don was served with warm and tasty rice cooked to perfection, and topped with salmon roe. Coupled with a bowl of hearty miso soup and free flow sides of salmon and seaweed, you can also throw in your favourite furikake and Chilli powder or minced garlic for an extra kick.

I would say the price is a little steep but worth it if you have the stomach for the free flow sides! They also serve hot/cold tea for free. The food is prepared fresh upon your order and is truly Japanese food. (;

Everyone already knows about the kaisen don - but the cubes of plump and tender wagyu beef steak are well worth shouting about too. Great for if you need a steak fix because of the price.

Two simple vegetable-based appetisers preceded my dinner set that comprised of Teppei's ever popular Bara Chirashi Don (although the portion seems to be scaled down slightly here), a bowl of miso soup and three sticks of grilled items: shiitake mushrooms, chicken thigh and pork belly. The same sweetish sauce was used to coat both meats but while the chicken was wonderfully juicy, the pork was much too tough.


Today's Higawari (lunch special)