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From the Burpple community

Visually — This plate is a glorious mess of thick gooey blobs of starch and egg with fairly large and plump oysters.

Not one of the best oyster omelette we have had, but good enough to satisfy our cravings.

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chicken was v dry and tomato pasta was bland. this was $8

$4.50 for this plate…should have gotten chicken cutlet

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Ordered the Bedok Chwee Kueh which people has been talking about the changes in size. Now they served it in 2 big minimum ($2.40).

The white dough is quite delicious and the cai poh is not that oily.

Ordered the $4.50 pig porridge as it looks small when I see the $3.50 one in the stall is small.

When the porridge came, I was surprised how huge the bowl is and there is lots of pork inside it. I like how they have cai poh in it to give the savoury taste.

Really old school porridge and worth the value with the amount of ingredients

Was surprised to see such a dark coloured fish soup and this is really packed with flavour!

I got the double fish soup ($5.50) with ee mian and it came with quite a few pieces of fried and fresh fish slices. The soup itself is robust and you can taste the fish flavour extracted from boiling the bones for some time. It is also heavily flavoured with the fried egg added, giving this soup an extra savoury flavour.

The fresh fish slices were very fresh and bouncy, and I loved them with the dipping sauce made from fermented soy beans! Fried fish slices were pretty huge and meaty too. Absolutely lovely if you like your fish soup quite heavy tasting!

Teochew Fish Porridge

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