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From the Burpple community

This is truly a hidden gem, there isn't even a Google page for the stall or the coffeeshop

Beside the popular Margaret ckn rice, the dark sauce was very sweet and the homemade fried onions and ikan bilis were insanely good. Abit less intense when mixed but this was a hugely satisfying bowl, everything from the chili(the pure heat kind) you add yourself to the mee hoon Kueh worked well

The mee hoon Kueh is good but lacked that bounce that the best have

Soup was lousy

Worth a try overall, skip the overpriced ckn rice and come here instead.

PS I rarely go back to the same place. And even more rarely order the same dish at the same place. And I got another of the same bowl the moment we were done w the first

This new stall opens early in the day and closes early too - as of today they close at 2:30pm. They sell bcm, fishball noodles and this special noodle that seems to be a crossover of both. The fishballs are springy and soft. Overall this bowl of noodle does not really taste artificial and is not overly salty, some may find this underseasoned but I think this is ok.
In frame: special noodle [$4]

Yoohenee korean food stall

I really liked how this kim Chi fried rice was prepared.

Each grain of rice was firm and covered well with the delectable kim Chi sauce and kim Chi .
The portion was generous and I surprised myself by being able to finish the whole plate of rice ( that’s after eating half a plate of stewed seafood bee hoon from the adjacent stall ).

Paired with more kim Chi on the side and a
clear vegetable soup .

This stall is new and run by a korean lady who started business about 2 months ago.

Her japchae is also highly recommended .

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Really good beef hor fun, tender meat and the sauce is just delicious. :)

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Yoonhee nee food
Blk 40 Chang Cheng coffee shop

Very surprised to see a Korean lady operating a Korean stall in this Coffeeshop .

The litmus test to whether you should try any Korean food is to speak with the operator - if they are Korean - you are 99 percent in for something soulful and homecooked .

I love simple the menu offerings are - typical of what a Korean may eat at home .

I went in for the japchae or what i call Korean Chap chye 😝. Well cooked vermicelli with fresh and crisp vegetables and a strong hint of good quality sesame oil and a splash of sesame seeds .

You can see the details that goes into the Korean lady boss’ cooking . From the presentation to the taste of the well balanced dish . The kim Chi is also very well prepared - crisp and with a very seductive chilli paste.

All this for 4.50 - you can’t find more value than this . Each order comes with a side of kim Chi and a clear peppery soup .

I salute stall operators in f and b in this day and age because behind the great tasting food is a lot of hours of back breaking work , supply- chain coordination, good finance management and determination and persistency that is needed to keep the business going. Operating in a coffee shop by big brand names is also not easy because they typically charge high rents and the tenants are always at the losing end .

It’s not just all the glam - guys 😊
So please do your homework and get some financial counselling before embarking on anything new .