Yoonhee nee food
Blk 40 Chang Cheng coffee shop

Very surprised to see a Korean lady operating a Korean stall in this Coffeeshop .

The litmus test to whether you should try any Korean food is to speak with the operator - if they are Korean - you are 99 percent in for something soulful and homecooked .

I love simple the menu offerings are - typical of what a Korean may eat at home .

I went in for the japchae or what i call Korean Chap chye 😝. Well cooked vermicelli with fresh and crisp vegetables and a strong hint of good quality sesame oil and a splash of sesame seeds .

You can see the details that goes into the Korean lady boss’ cooking . From the presentation to the taste of the well balanced dish . The kim Chi is also very well prepared - crisp and with a very seductive chilli paste.

All this for 4.50 - you can’t find more value than this . Each order comes with a side of kim Chi and a clear peppery soup .

I salute stall operators in f and b in this day and age because behind the great tasting food is a lot of hours of back breaking work , supply- chain coordination, good finance management and determination and persistency that is needed to keep the business going. Operating in a coffee shop by big brand names is also not easy because they typically charge high rents and the tenants are always at the losing end .

It’s not just all the glam - guys 😊
So please do your homework and get some financial counselling before embarking on anything new .