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Spicy Oriental Bolognese

Dish is unique and has good balance. A little oily but still okay. Worth to try

Great Desserts

The Sea Salt Caramel Cheesecake ($10) is different from other cheesecake for some reason. Less sweet, and pairing nicely with the strawberries and raspberry sauce, try it.

The real surprise however is the Feather's Coffee ($8), a latte with a mountain of meringue, slightly burnt. The lemony sourness is an odd pair with the semi sweet coffee. It might be a little too weird, but is something that might satisfy sweet tooths who dislike too sweet stuff.

Someone like you [$23]

Sweet & Fruity cocktail recommended by the waitress. I don't really fancy cocktails because I feel diluted or rather "cheated" with little alcohol, a lot of ice, colour syrups, soda or water. 😂

This cocktails includes, Gin, white wine and cucumber. It's like having gin cucumber cocktails with additional alcohol (white wine), they didn't cheat my drinks LOL 😅😂 Additional fragrance smell, probably the gin that they are using. 🤔

Prices stated before GST & SC.

GWC (GoodWoodCoffee) [$15]

Brownie top with Tahitian vanilla Chantilly, surrounded by candy cloud and espresso shot~

The Brownie is abit too dry but when you soak with espresso shot it actually taste quite amazing. My first time having brownie coffee dessert.

I though it was ice-cream when I taste, cos it was cold and creamy but it's was tahitian vanilla chantilly.

Prices stated before GST & SC.

Birds' Skillet

Less mala 麻辣 spiciness, more tomato richness this round but overall still very good. Good to note that they now serve it with the sourdough without request. Birds eggs always live up to expectations!

Cappuccino ($6 for 7 oz).

It's such a pretty place, always uplighting to drop by again! The garden decor and large open skylight that opens up to the natural light above is always so inviting, even if it's just for a cup of coffee after lunch.

☁️Clouds fell onto my Coffee Brownie☁️

Glad that I finally made it to the beautiful space called Birds of a feather! I like everything here- food, ambience and service! Special shout out to Vincent of @birdsofafeather for the great service!
Featured: GWC Brownie Dessert (S$15++)
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This is a lightly sweetened coffee and macademia nut brownie made from GWC (Goodwood Coffee). It is served with vanilla chantilly, coffee "soil", candy "clouds" and espresso by the side. I like that you can adjust the sweetness of the dessert by the amount of espresso you pour in! Generally a bittersweet dessert suitable for those who dislike sweet desserts.
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Birds of a feather
115 Amoy Street L1-01, S069935

Mon: 11am to 10pm
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Pig Ear Mosaic  $18

Braised pig ear served cold with Sichuan red & sour dressing and arrowroot noodles

Sichuan Spicy Kawa Shrimp

Getting bored with Sichuan Peppercorn Popcorn chicken 辣子雞🐔Great variant to this popular dish in BoaF refreshed menu! And shhh... its really much much better! Don't miss out on the legs of the shrimps, that's where the flavours reside! Love their idea to use oriental chive (韭黃) and leek to compliment the shrimps - loving that unique flavour. Don't say I never warn you, it's gonna get spicy!

Piggy & Eggy

A rare non-spicy dish at BoaF, to get that non-spicy eater friend of yours to join you for lunch. Braised pork slices, with mushroom and a runny egg, served with chips and greens.

Spicy Oriental Bolognese 22+

Wasnt spicy at all but still an impressive dish. Only gripe was that the portion was too small

While this is a perfect harmony of italian and sichuan flavours, it actually made me remember how complex sichuan spices can be and in turn made me crave sichuan food. The pork mince was superbly flavourful and made the whole dish incredibly meaty with strong umami despite it being minced meat. The dehydrated tomato's sweet and sour notes also came thru despite there being only 3 pieces. Angel hair pasta was the right doneness for this dish as well. Overall a very delightful interpretation and i never forgot i was having a sichuan dish despite the presentation, due to the superb use of familiar sichuan spices.

Grilled Cheese Panini With Pork And Pickled Cabbage 20+ Lunch Only

Really well done comfort food and tantalizing spice. The smell teases ur senses before it even reaches the table. Panini was super crispy and the accompanying sweet potato and potato side was just spicy enuf to keep you going back for more. Tomato salsa was super fresh and refreshing.

Chasing my blues away with a cuppa meringue-capped coffee!

Not only pretty to look at; the meringue atop BOF's special Feather’s coffee served more than an embellishment as it nicely sweetens the aromatic coffee with each sip you take.

Birds' Skillet

A medley of chorizo sausage, Camembert cheese, potato and 2 molten core baked eggs amidst the greens & chilli crisp in Birds' version of Shashouka, is indeed looking like another BoaF signature in the making. Love their rich but moist tomato base with a familiar tinch of Sichuan peppercorn, which seems to work out so well on all the items in their menu. Would have been perfect if they serve it with some toasted sour dough, which I did order separately to wipe clean the skillet. Yums.

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