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Dinner companion not the most entertaining? Play a game of 'Find the Chicken in the Chillies' ($16), a treasure trove of fiery fried chicken bits and Sichuan chilli peppers. It's tongue-numblingly spicy enough to leave you feeling hot and bothered, which is a great excuse to order a cocktail, or two. πŸ˜‰

Love their piccolo, full bodied, strong roast and low acidity. The froth at the top is just nice, never frivolous, always at the same consistency.

Love their presentation in a cocktail glass with a latte art of a bird, of course.

Missing this so much. Almost forgotten about this item on the menu. The sour dough is pan toasted and sandwiched in between is home-made kimchi cabbage, marinated pork belly and oozing melty cheese (I think it's cheddar). The kimchi is not overpowering and less tangy (and raw) than usual. I think it's because the cabbage and pork are stir-fried together first. Served with their signature baked crushed purple sweet potato and regular potatoes; and a nice tomato salsa.

Lunch / 10 Jan 2018: A pretty perfect combination of east meet west. Tofu patty is a wonderful idea because its moist and flavourful. Beef ragout works both as a sauce and good contrast to this otherwise deeply fried dish. And ending off with yummy spiced potatoes on the side

Another well done Angel Hair pasta dish. I love the slightly crispy minced pork mixed with Si Chuan spice, it packs a strong punch to this dish. This is probably a must try if it's your first time, definitely won't go wrong.

This appetiser certainly lived up to its reputation πŸ˜‹. Mala spicy, fragrant and the excitement to find the chunk of chicken keeps you entertained while waiting for the main dish. How I wished it had more chicken in it. 😩

I'd be honest and just say I forgot the real name of the dish because it's recommended by the waiter. I found the dish unique as they use angel hair pasta cooked with Chinese spices and ingredients with a soft boiled egg at the side. The dish is further made to stand out further by its lack of oiliness despite being fried and goes very well with the egg broken into the noodles. I felt the chef made excellent use of the ingredients and made the fusion effect very distinctive unlike some other dishes prepared for the sake of being called fusion.

Another great creation at Birds cafe, the melty cheese panini comes with a new combination of braised pork belly and cabbage. Served with their signature fried crush potato & sweet potato and a little tomato salsa.

Where cheese cake is concerned the strong influence of Japanese Patisserie is obvious in recent years with the cheese cakes textures turning more refined, silky smooth, lighter (what irony, regardless it's still a slab of cheese & cream) almost too posh to be nice. I love my cheese cake New York style, with greater density, richer and even if it's slightly rougher on the edge, so what? That's what true cheese cake is about. The rendition at Birds comes with a generous coat of salted caramel which goes so well with the savoriness of the cheese cake. Perfect way to bring all the Mala heatiness around its dishes to a great finale!

Spicy Oriental Angel Hair Bolognese with Onsen Tamago ($22++). Szechuan style Ja jiang mian with a western twist, very umami! Highly recommended as its unlike any other noodle dish I've ever tried. This place has great ambience too!

Been wanting to try this place but we were afraid of the spice in the sze chuan cuisine.
This little number we chosen to accompany us during lunch.

πŸ‘…πŸ’­: 😍
Absolutely loved this coffee. So yummlicious!!!
The caramel chocolate sauce tasted like it had rum πŸ˜‹

Top marks all round for what I considered as a really balanced dish.

Didn't know what to expect how this dish would taste like, still wasn't sure what it really was after having it. Haha. As usual the service staff at Birds was impeccable and suggested I should try this and can request to raise the spiciness of the udon. I said "Sure!", not knowing what to expect. It turn out it wasn't the typical Sze Chuan spiciness; and it is a dried serving of udon, which is a good change from the Spicy Oriental Bolognese that I would order by default without fail. I did find out subsequently that Tian Shui actually refers to η”œζ°΄, literally sweet sauce! Shitake tempura works well in this dish along with the spiced ajitsuke tamago.

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