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Grilled Cheese Panini

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Missing this so much. Almost forgotten about this item on the menu. The sour dough is pan toasted and sandwiched in between is home-made kimchi cabbage, marinated pork belly and oozing melty cheese (I think it's cheddar). The kimchi is not overpowering and less tangy (and raw) than usual. I think it's because the cabbage and pork are stir-fried together first. Served with their signature baked crushed purple sweet potato and regular potatoes; and a nice tomato salsa.

Another great creation at Birds cafe, the melty cheese panini comes with a new combination of braised pork belly and cabbage. Served with their signature fried crush potato & sweet potato and a little tomato salsa.

Really well done comfort food and tantalizing spice. The smell teases ur senses before it even reaches the table. Panini was super crispy and the accompanying sweet potato and potato side was just spicy enuf to keep you going back for more. Tomato salsa was super fresh and refreshing.


Braised pork belly, pickled cabbage and fried potato

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Would definitely return to this place
TL: spicy crispy trotters - absolutely loved this dish, it was worth the calories & indulgence (as advised by the servers, go easy on the spices as they can get too savoury)
BL: the feature cup - good coffee with a sweet soufflรฉ
BR: Grilled cheese panini with braised pull pork #throwbackbrunch #burrple


Crispy toast ๐Ÿž is always always ๐Ÿ‘.
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These were accompanied with assorted fried potatoes that were so addictive, we almost started a fight ๐Ÿ™Š


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Why? Heard the chefs here are from 2 backgrounds. One Sichuan food expert. The other was from an Italian place. So the panini combines the best of both worlds. The panini bread is nicely crisp and toasted with the melty cheese that blends rather well with the Chinese style braised pork belly and the crunchy pickles. Their 9th day of official opening and all they are picking up speed and taste. Not to mention this place is gorgeous! Bringing the Wife here soon!