It is the ultimate yuan yang, the roasted velvety espresso surprisingly matches well with the Uji matcha which gives the drink a distinct after taste that we like in matcha. The decor of the place is rather Muji. I had to run and could not sample anything more. But I will be back.

Large chunks of white mushroom in a carbonara sauce. I chose Penne pasta because I wanted something easier to eat with a spoon as the box really makes it hard to eat Spagetti or Linguini which a better paired with a carbonara sauce. However I must say that the pasta was al dente - it was not overly cooked and had a nice chewy bite but the sauce was a little too salty for me.

Will recommend that if you are trying to control your salt intake to tell them to make it less salty.

The sauce was ample - in fact I didn’t finish the sauce and there was still lots of it in the container when I finished.

I will hope to try the Beef Bolognaise sauce next time, because that’s what I cook most of the time.

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The squirrel is a multi faceted dessert. Definitely great for chocolate lovers
At the top is a chocolate mouse dusted with a very fine cacao powder.

Inside we have dark ganache, I tasted salted caramel too, and a a fudgey brownie or dark chocolate fudge?

At the bottom it has a chocolate biscuit to hold it together. It was a rather heavy dessert so best to pair it with a hot cup of tea. I chose French Earl Grey. Which helped to cleanse the palette in between each mouthfuls of the chocolate.

Be sure to dig in from the top all the way down to the biscuit so each mouthful has all the different elements.

Like spicy - this will be the place for you. Just one mouthful - I felt the warmth fill my whole body. The spice is truly unique. But you must come and try this, the taste is different from other chicken curry that I have tasted.

Had a work meeting at this place today. They have all day breakfast and there are tables that can be combined for larger group meetings. The croissant sandwich was ok, the scrambled eggs was a little dry but the salad came with a very nice dressing.

The matcha latte was a little sweet. I hoped to have the option to adjust the sweetness.

The latte was pretty regular

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No options for less sugar or no sugar - so pls take note. The tea was a little bland, unlike typical Char Chan Teng style milk tea. It’s probably pre-made in a huge dispenser, because I barely selected a table to sit my number was called to pick up my order.

I thought it was over priced because this is only you tiao and it’s priced the same as the char siew Cheong fun but I think it’s better because the you tiao was crispy which added a different texture in my mouth the crunch! And it absorbed some of the sauce too making every mouthful crunchy and flavourful

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Lots of char Siew inside and is really worth the $4 I paid for it. They have other outlets and the taste is quite consistent. I have tried the other outlets too.

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The ambience and setup is pretty nice but the food is a little underwhelming. The milk tea was above average and that was their redemption. Maybe their other items were better but I only had this as I wasn’t really hungry at that time. I don’t recommend any of their bun burgers

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My go to place for fried chicken, chicken is moist and juicy while the outsides are crispy. Uncle always does it so well. It normally comes with rice and baked beans but I opted for fries instead of rice.

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Not too sweet but not sour enough today. Auntie didn’t give me extra lime - a little sad but it’s ok…still finished it all.

My neighbourhood Hokkien prawn mee - the chilli is still super spicy so just a little bit is enough for me. It’s still great, very tasty, the prawns are still Swa lor prawns which are very strongly flavoured. Just the correct prawns for Hokkien mee.

The only disappointing thing is that they no longer have pork lard to add to the noodles to give it extra crunch. I didn’t ask why but the auntie knows I like pork lard in my noodles and if she didn’t add for me means don’t have no need to ask.