Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Featuring Din Tai Fung (Suntec City), Jia He Chinese Restaurant, Ah Khoo Kopi Toast (Our Tampines Hub), Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant 鼎兴美味鱼头炉, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Xing Hua Family Restaurant, Pow Sing Kitchen, Pow Sing Restaurant (Jewel Changi Airport), Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun (Clementi), YFL Coffee House (322 Hougang)
Yian Tay
Yian Tay

I thought it was over priced because this is only you tiao and it’s priced the same as the char siew Cheong fun but I think it’s better because the you tiao was crispy which added a different texture in my mouth the crunch! And it absorbed some of the sauce too making every mouthful crunchy and flavourful

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Lots of char Siew inside and is really worth the $4 I paid for it. They have other outlets and the taste is quite consistent. I have tried the other outlets too.

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Juicy and flavourful it’s well seasoned and has lot of meat juices with every bite. It’s fried but not too oily. I love this and will always order a separate piece just to enjoy

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How come the lor mee is white?? Yes this is traditionally the way Putien people make Lor Mee!
It’s got pork, veggies, mushrooms, clams, prawns, seaweed too. Yummy. Great stuff value for money at Kopitiam Foodcourt on Level 4

This is the best chicken rice in Central singapore. Yes better than Boon Tiong Kee. Why??
1) value for money
2) loose and fluffy rice that is not over cooked
3) lightly sauced for original chicken taste
4) huge portion for rice lovers

I always tell them to give me less rice so I can enjoy the chicken which I love more!!

I don’t bother with sauce dish just drizzle the chilli and garlic ginger all over the chicken. Oooh lah lah. You like it spicy? This chilli has a good kick.

You can’t miss it. It is at the first row facing the carpark

Despite having eaten so much, this dish was a major hit with all our guests. Everyone loved it. It included popped/ roasted rice which gave it a special crunch. It was light without feeling you are eating heavy carbs, which was a major plus point. The amount of veggies could have been improved like use of chopped red dates to give it even more colour.

The light and fresh scallops were lightly cooked with the prawns and very lightly seasoned.

I guess the cook took our previous suggestions that their cooking was too salt, so they reduced the salt in all our dishes this time. So 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Because we could taste the sweetness of the corn vs the sweetness of the scallops and prawns you can taste them separately in your mouth.

very very well done.

They cooked Wa Wa cabbage which is like the Baby cabbage. First off I didn’t like this dish

The superior broth was too diluted for the veg. They should have added some Jin hua ham to give it more depth of flavour because this vegetable is rather bland.

The veg was not overcooked, it still had a good crunch to it, I felt they could have added more mushrooms to give it more flavour. I would also have added fried ginger and Enoki mushrooms to increase the visual height of the dish. It was rather flat and uninteresting. So room for improvement here

I made a joke that we were eating Bambi.
But this was very nice. The meat was tender and juicy. The chillis were surprisingly sweet and not spicy. I think they used dried Korean peppers which are sweet and mildly spicy. Because they didn’t look like the local dried chilli, so it gave it an impression of having Volume.

The enoki mushrooms soaked up the sauce so to get the full taste in your mouth is to have a slice of venison, some Enoki mushrooms and a small piece of the chilli so you can get a bit more chilli sweetness.

I enjoyed this dish very much!!

Surprisingly good. The fish was very fresh, the meat clung onto the bones so it was cooked just nicely and not over cooked!

The sauce was well seasoned without being too salty or over powering the delicate taste of the fish! (Very well done here)

The red dates were steamed but it didn’t add much flavor to the fish but if you eat it after eating the fish together with the black fungus and the golden lily it still had it’s nice sweetness.

I really loved this dish


For 10 of us it was too much honeydew and very little lobster. The lobster was all in big pieces so some got more and the rest just ate fruits. Suggestion to them was to add prawns so we at least could have some shellfish to go with the fruits. It wasn’t too bad just too little lobster.

The fruits used were ripe or they made them so sweet which was nice (at least for me) they added fresh strawberries which made it very pretty (should have added more).

A new restaurant newly moved to 1Farrer Park Hotel, some of the food was good, some were so so. This is one of the hits for me. It was good, skin crispy but thin, good amount of fat but not too much and the flesh was not overly salty and still tender and juicy.

A must order item if you are there. Their roast meats are all very well done. You can’t go wrong with this or their roasted ducks (including the Peking duck)

This is my must have item when I come here. The first time I ate this, it gave me the inspiration to do the same for my fried rice with fried seaweed and peanuts.

This item is a must have at this restaurant!!
The small portion isn’t enough for most people so get the medium 😂

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Eat to live or live to eat, anyway always eat dessert first whether you are eating to live IG: @yianthefoodie

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