Dessert Desert Time! I normally don't eat much deserts as I can suffer from headaches due to sugar overdose at times.
Local Delight, Hawker/Kopitiam 10 Places For Your Foreign Friends! Inspired by burpple's community manager Jayne, I decided to come up with this list for people who brings friends from overseas to eat the best of the best food in Singapore!
Dessert Heat Relievers These deserts will cool you down!
Buffet, High Tea, Seafood Buffet Time! Sometimes you feel like you need to be pampered, maybe after a marathon or something. Some worthy dishes here for you to choose the place to burn that hole in your pocket!
Japanese My Dry Ramen Heaven! Finding soup ramen a bore? Time to try out these delicious dry ramens, some of them come with a soup or gravy by the side to dip it!
Travel, Hawker/Kopitiam, Dim Sum Hong Kong's Eat-Them-All!!! I love Hong Kong and especially it's food. Always finding the best of the best of Hong Kong!
Hawker/Kopitiam, Good For Groups Bak Kut Teh Adventures Black, brown or white. Good or bad. I try all kinds of Bak kut teh and you can find more from here :)