we went with no.4 Chiffonade of ham, organic egg sunny side up, over sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese and no.7 French pork sausage, onion confit marinated in 23 cider, old style mustard cream, comte cheese.

i enjoyed the pork sausage galette more as i’m
not a huge fan of mushrooms.

laska popiah was an interesting dish and i think they pulled it off quite well. laska flavour was there but not super distinct. there were small bits of the noodles

loves the unagi bowl. nothing out of the ordinary- just unagi and rice but it’s was good

slightly disappointed - beef was tough to chew
will stick to my miso salmon soba the next round

my go to spot whenever i crave tofu stews.

there’s an assortment of tofu stews to choose from ranging from pork, beef, dumplings and assorted which includes seafood in it. you can choose your spicyness level as well.

love the silky smooth tofu! very hearty meal

one of their recommended galettes - classic ham, mixed cheddar and an egg

the egg oozed out when being cut into and the edges of the galette was crispy while the middle remained soft.

Fried chicken with waffles is not new to the brunch scene. this was served with salted egg sauce which was pretty lumpy and we felt it didn’t really belong to this dish. just maple syrup would do the trick.

the charcoal waffles was fluffy and the slab of butter gave it that tinge of saltiness. We had to debone the fried chicken, would be better if it’s chicken cutlet or sth.

i pretty much enjoyed this. the chicken was thinly pounded and served with marinara and mozerella. chicken was tender and not dry and the outer breaded layer was still abit crispy

but still recommending this for sharing

lavo’s carbonara is not overly creamy or saucey.

as for the pizza, tried their margherita previously so tried their black truffle this time round. still loving their crust as always. i still prefer the margherita one.

i love fried food and this calamari hits the spot!!!

charred octopus is pretty soft

this place is like a modern zhi char restaurant, around 10 minutes walk from DG mrt

there’s a wide variety of items to choose from such as curry fish head, prawn paste chicken, vegetables, tofu and roasted meats. they are famous for their char siew.

you can choose to pair your meat with rice or noodles and i chose the oily rice. the rice was very fragrant while the skin of the pork was thin and crispy. i love the fried tofu too

will return.

this meal set us back around $120

free refill of the papadum.

butter chicken was good!!! we paired it with garlic naan and butter naan. i prefer the latter tho

fish curry was good, sizable chunks of the flesh doused in curry!! went well with the biryani rice