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crepe was not bad but the ice cream tasted abit icy? not those smooth creamy texture that i was looking for.

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love the vibes of this small ice cream shop! tried their most popular pistachio flavour and i think it’s not bad!! nutty and sweet!

interesting choices found in this gelato shop.

we went with the safer choices of cookies and cream and speculoos and a slightly more adventurous kong guan lemon biscuit flavour. all the flavours were great and went really well with the waffles

waffles was crispy and fluffy but didn’t really have a buttery taste.

the walls were also adorned with portraits from the past, allowing one to reminisce the good ol days

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still my top ice cream place

white chrysanthemum and pistachio!!

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Really good waffles that fits well with the pistachio and dark chocolate ice cream. Waffles were on the thicker side, not super buttery but slightly crispy. The dark chocolate is a little on the sweeter side while the pistachio had a nutty texture to it. Would return to try their other flavors!!

There’s 3 options for the soft serve - yogurt, acai or twist which is a combo of both. It also comes in 2 sizes - small ($7) which comes w granola and one topping or regular ($8.50) which comes w granola and 2 toppings. i went with the latter and ordered a twist with kiwi and cookie butter sauce!

The soft serve was very smooth and refreshing!! not too sweet but i couldn’t really taste the acai flavour, maybe cos the yogurt kinda masked it. i’ll prob try the full acai flavour next round. pretty generous with the sauce tho!

As for the acai bowl, we opted for Pura Vida ($12.50) which comes with mixed berries, banana, coconut flakes, fresh fruits and granola. sauces are changed separately and we topped up for almond sauce.

the size of the bowl was pretty huge, good enough for a meal. acai’s consistency was there and not icy kind. great variety of fruits as well. the granola was also a hit as it’s super crunchy and goes super well w the acai.

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issa good find!!
we ordered the pistachio and speculoos!! both were pretty rich and creamy but i think the speculoos had a stronger taste to it. the scoop could be bigger 😅

v worth w burpple 1-1


pretty alright.
we tried the pistachio and hazelnut flavour. pistachio taste needs to be richer while the hazelnut one fared better. waffles remained crispy

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Celebrated my birthday here and they gave complimentary ice cream 🥰

vanilla flavoured with oreo cookie bits!! yums

desserts > mains at this shop

mains were really mediocre but the desserts especially this soufflé pancake really stood out. fluffy and jiggly, accompanied w an assortment of fruits and honey comb ice cream.

Opted for a change of flavour this time round and chose black sesame

as usual, BOP ice cream are always pretty light on the palette. i kinda enjoyed this flavour too


tried the speculoos and their signature salted caramel flavour!!

personally preferred the speculoos flavour more- its more towards the milkier and creamier texture

salted caramel wasn’t super overpowering

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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