Featuring Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (313@Somerset), [CLOSED] Mad For Garlic, OBBA Jjajang (Tanjong Pagar), 7-Eleven Singapore, Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (Amoy Street), SBCD Korean Tofu House (Guoco Tower), Ajumma's (Funan), Hyang Yeon Korean Restaurant (Telok Ayer), Ajumma's (The Cathay), Dosirak (Downtown Gallery)
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korean kimchi pancake, marinated beef, steam egg and soon dubu just hits the spot !!
love the free flow sides too !! the corn, anchovy

in all honestly, i feel that the prices here are super overpriced

the beef yukjeon was super thin that i could hardly taste the beef. all i tasted were eggs.

their signature noodles were quite enjoyable paired with the perilla seed oil but the beef that came with it pales in comparison.

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lunch sets were very value for money!! $16 and you get to choose a soup and a meat hot plate… love the beef and pork, not so for the chicken.

as for the soup, my favourite will be the kimchi soup and the seafood tofu soup!! added a seafood and kimchi pancake separately and it was so good!’n

got the pork set which came with free steam egg and a soup!! love the steam egg, it was pipping hot and super wobbly.

the pork came in 4 different variations - pork belly, pork collar of which 2 of them were marinated. the pork was tender and had a good meat to fat ratio.

we added on a seafood and kimchi pancake as well.

we highly enjoyed this rose rabokki which had ramen, sausages, tteokbokki, fish cakes and an egg in it.

the sauce was rather thick and addictive. we also ordered the other version which only had the tteokbokki but that dish didn’t fare that well. while both had the same rose sauce, the one with just the tteokbokki felt rather watered down. so i’ll say get the ramen instead!!! taste wise, it’s abit spicy but the ingredients all complemented each other nicely.

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we were only left with the boneless and wings options at around 8.30pm. the whole chicken option was sold out. we opted for the boneless choice and it was pretty good. deep fried and not oily, the meat was not dry and tender. came in bite sized pieces well coated with the sprinkle. v easy to eat!

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i preferred the cheese sticks to the cheese balls!! even though both has the same bburinkle seasoning which is what they are famous for, i felt that the cheese ball has a slightly sweeter taste to it. the sprinkle was a mix of savory and sweet cheese onion and garlic powder.

both has a really good stretchy cheese texture.

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the best prepacked food from 7/11 is this kimchi fried rice!!! it’s packed a punch and i added on the 2 harajuku eggs separately. 2 eggs for $2.50.

my go to spot whenever i crave tofu stews.

there’s an assortment of tofu stews to choose from ranging from pork, beef, dumplings and assorted which includes seafood in it. you can choose your spicyness level as well.

love the silky smooth tofu! very hearty meal

pretty affordable lunch sets where you get to pick a soup and a main + rice for $17.

there’s 3 stew options to choose from - kimchi stew, soft tofu stew and bean paste stew. we opted for the first two. soft tofu stew was slightly more spicy than the kimchi stew.

As for the mains, we chose the stir fried pork and pork bulgogi which was non- spicy. serving portion was generous this time round.

Also added on an ala carte seafood pancake!! pancake was not oily and was pretty thick.

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portion was just nice for me. may not be enough for big eaters.

A good amount of super smooth tofu which had a prominent soy taste and tender beef shabu slices.

soup can be more flavorful
Didn’t actually eat the seaweed

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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