Featuring Eleven Strands, Keong Saik Bakery, BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Bacha Coffee (ION Orchard), Knuckles Bistro, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (Plaza Singapura), Chimichanga (Little India), One Bowl Restaurant and Bar, Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery (Serangoon Garden Market)
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the skin was chewy but abit thick for my liking.
red bean paste was smooth and not sweet. strawberry was not that sweet but not sour either

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exterior was really crispy and flaky. tasted slightly sweet and not overly buttery.
overall a good pastry!!

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my second time eating this but i felt that the first round was better.

not too oily and and packed with meat and some veg

teatime at bacha has always been at the top of my list. the ambience at bacha gives off a super atas feel with the use of gold and high ceilings.

tried out both their kaya and pistachio croissant and very much preferred the former which had kaya cream oozing out. kaya wasn’t too sweet either. as for the pistachio one, i think it’s more of a paste within the croissant so it’s much drier overall. can’t really taste the nuttiness of it.

first time at tipsy bird and defo not the last

wagyu beef cubes were super tender and juicy.
fried calamari and truffle fries were pretty legit too.

def get these to go w your drinks!!!

Love the variety of their muffins esp the chocolate one.

Grab a couple of their egg tarts as well

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Cheesy fries 😍
Bought fr wisteria KPT

Have been eating this since I was a child.
Best eaten when out of the oven

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Huge fan of Nutella so I went to grab a bottle to try. The tart base was slightly buttery. While I hope that was more butter taste, this was not bad. But it really isn’t worth the price tag.

The filling was smooth and I could eat 2 at one go !!!

Great for breakfast / tea time

Wooo this was really not bad
10 for $3.50
Portion size per piece is bigger than the ones you get from the hawker centre

They have unique sauces to pair w the carrot sticks as well - truffle Mayo, salted egg, nacho cheese. But eating it alone is good enough
Pretty good tea time snack

The ones I usually buy fr is from lorong ah soo

Huge fan of curly fries but I think the seasoning is a tad bit salty imo

Got the truffle and cheese flavours!!
Buy the voucher fr shopee which entitles you to a 1-1 medium cup :)

c n

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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