Typical clear tasty Teochew broth with tinge of fried sole fish powder, Dong Cai that adds flavour to the fresh slices of Batang Fish ($6.50 with rice). Savoury at healthy level. Queue moves fast during lunch crowd (about 10 minutes on a Tuesday noon). Worth the try!


Took us about 40minutes to queue for this bowl of Minced Pork Noodle Dry $4. No soup if you ordered your noodles dry so we ordered another bowl of Mixed Meat Soup $5. A tad too peppery for the rich broth though the noodles was filled with thick slices of pork, tender pork liver and crispy deep-fried sole fish. For more punch, one can add more vinegar. Will be back to try their Tonkotsu broth Minced Meat Noodles next round.

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Even those not fan of Korean food found Ajumma's Fried Chicken & Crispy Toppoki with Sweet-Spicy Sauce ($9.90), Gomtang ($10.50), Chicken Bulgogi ($10.50), Army Base Stew ($14.90), and Norwegian Mackerel ($10.50) served with refillable Yujacha ($2.90) pleasing to the sense of taste. The side dishes (refillable) consists of Kimchi, seasoned seaweed, prickles and sweet corn. Get a Hotteok which is Korean Honey Pancake for free (else it's 2 for $4.90) when you review on Google. It was served hot and crispy and sweetness at the right level. Service was good too. Would visit again.

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Used to be Cai Fan stall, owner switched to Prawn Noodles end last year. The under-rated prawn noodles $4.80 soaked in umami chilli, slices of fresh cut prawns, pork slice, Lala and bean sprouts sent a pleasant sensory to your taste bud. Will come back again.

The Claypot Bak Kut Teh ($13 for 2 pax) comes with pork ribs, stomach, pork ball, tau kee, tau pok and enoki mushroom, soaked in a broth that has a pleasant herbal aroma. The ribs are tender and fell off the bones easily. The broth is tasty and rich in flavour, making every mouthful enjoyable. One of the better Bak Kut Teh you can find in Punggol.

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We visited this sushi restaurant at Northshore tonight and are pleasantly surprised by the quality of food and level of services. The Foie Gras Beef Donburi $25 is very tender, tasty and juicy . The Salmon and Crabmeat Aburi $18 really tickled our palate. The Ebi Tempura $16 and Ten Donburi $15 comes with big firm prawns that are fresh, huge and crispy. Fresh ingredients really needs no further explanation. A young waiter overheard our birthday celebration and brought over a slice of complimentary Tiramisu cake which was fantastically good. While seeing that my kids are sharing the slice of Tiramisu, another lady waiter brought us another complimentary Yuzu cake, which totally blew our minds with its layers of soft sponge and tinge of zest at the right level. Double surprises, and all thumbs up on the level of the services again. Would recommend a visit if you are around the area. We will go back to try other dishes on the menu again.

Same tasty old school wanton noodles ($5) when they were at Lavendar. Brings back the nostalgic taste with their springy egg noodles and characteristic chilli and wanton. Queue moved fast even though there was a long queue around noon. Satisfying.

We ordered Yam Rice with Duck $5.60, Kway Chap Set for 2 at $11.50 and pig trotter $8. Duck meat and pig trotter were flavourful and tender with the yam rice quite fragrant. The offal does not have any pungent taste either while the Tau Kwa soaked in braised sauce adds to one's palate. Overall was a pleasant experience.

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Dim Sum were alright though from ex-Shangri La Restaurant Chef. Two that stand out were the Crispy Shrimp Cheong Fun $6 which adds a new twist to traditional Cheong Fun. However, the batter at one of the edge was a bit bitter from deep frying else overall the Cheong Fun was interesting. Another was the Steam Prawn Siew Mai $4.50 which was tender and juicy. Fried Fish Congee $4.50 was a fine comfort food with the fried fish slice adding flavour to the silky smooth texture.

Having your Bangkok cravings? Head down to Hougang Central Blk 805 Coffeeshop. First time trying out their Garlic Fried Chicken with rice $6, Minced pork basil rice with fried egg $5.50 and stir fry Kang Kong $5.50. Overall the dishes were pretty pleasant except that the basil pork was a tad spicy and salty and need to go with rice and the sunny egg was a bit on the tough side.

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The new collection at Chateraise, Nama Chocolate & Truffle Bar $25 is beyond our expectation. It's sponge cake is moist and soft and the different layering (nama chocolate, chocolate sauce, chocolate cream, white chocolate with cereal, white chocolate cream and cocoa sponge) adds texture to the cake. Indeed a children's favourite even to the picky ones.

New stall at Coralinus. Ordered the Yuan Yang Meatball Noodles , Yuan Yang and Minced pork noodles ($4.00-$4.50) but the chilli is addictive and before we knew it, we forgot to take picture of our food. The meatball, fish dumplings are all hand-made. Glad that we found another good venue for comfort food.