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From the Burpple community

Must try dishes are the Seafood Beehoon, Prawn Pancake and the Lemongrass Ribs! The other dishes we ordered are the long beans (very crunchy & fragrant), steam fish (very fresh) and the herbal lala (fresh & great for cold weather).

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May look like a normal plate of chicken with rice, but contains one of the best Prawn Paste Chicken I've eaten. The Prawn Paste Chicken Rice ($5.80) from this coffee shop has a variety of ingredients, and the prawn paste chicken was so crispy and juicy, yet fragrant at the same time. Really appreciated the bite sized portions! The chilli given is to die for as well, as it is garlic-packed. Great if you are around in the area!

This is one of the best white bee hoons I have tried in Singapore!!! The use of a deep bowl to serve the bee hoon was smart as it allowed the noodles to be perpetually soaked in the flavourful broth (unlike if it were to be served on a mildly-curved plate). While the seafood did not taste super fresh, the BROTH more than made up for it -- I could just eat bee hoon and egg in that broth and be satisfied!

The beef slices were tender but unfortunately that is the best that can be said about this plate of hor fun -- it lacked any wok hei and was just disappointing overall, as all the other dishes I've tried from this stall had been excellent so far.

So the total cost of $9.20 includes the $1 tray deposit, and additional cost for changing the rice to egg fried rice (can't remember how much the top up was). In terms of value-for-money, it's quite unbeatable! Other than the salted egg chicken and fried rice pictured, I also had a drink, 2 sides (steamed egg, tofu), sweet potato tempura and a small deep-fried mantou. Taste-wise, I would consider it slightly above average. Given what I ordered, it was quite a dry meal, but I enjoyed the individual components very much.

Quite excited initially to try their lunch set (their outlet in the Timbre +) as we think normally the dishes at XLX are catered to group diners. ($$$$) The spring onion fish slice rice $ 6.20 tastes alright with many ingredients (fish slices, ginger, carrot, onion with oyster sauce base). However, we find the main dish got an over-powering fishy smell going on and as such not manage to finish it. 🤔

The sides come in 2 bowls (curry veg & omelette pumpkin). Maybe skip the fish dish in this case.

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