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From the Burpple community

Pretty decent, the fish paste wasn’t handmade but was quite bouncy and tasty. The fried taukee was yummy - it was crunchy since they fry it again, and there was some fish paste within! I got 2 spinach, 1 enoki, 1 pumpkin, and 1 taupok as well, these were all p standard. They gave a huge mountain of kwayteow so please do ask for 少面 if you’re a small eater! It’s an average ytf place but it’s decent enough to return, plus it’s also convenient for me.

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$5 in the CBD!! Love coming here for lunch though the queues can get long at peak hours. Like, really long hahaha

Laska gravy was an additional $0.70.
I enjoyed it a lot since it wasn’t too spicy.

You are also given the option to deep fry some of the chosen ingredients. And I think deep frying helps give it another dimension. I soaked some of it into the gravy and it was so good. It’s like soft egg tofu encased in a crispy skin.

21 Mar’18, Wed☁️
YTF at Tofu Lane (Shenton House)...🍲

Damage: $4.70 for 7 pcs including tunghoon
($4.50 for 6pcs with noodles)

Yong Tau Foo in Curry for lunch.

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