Hawker / Foodcourt

Hawker / Foodcourt

Featuring Albert Centre Market & Food Centre (Albert Centre Market), Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, No Name Hainanese Curry Rice (Beo Crescent), Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle, Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa (Alexandra Village), Pepper Bowl (Amoy Street Food Centre), Japan Foods Garden, Arcade Fish Soup (The Arcade), Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted (Tiong Bahru Market), Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun (Amoy Street Food Centre)
Ikigai J
Ikigai J

5 Jun’23, Mon🌤
📍Koufu (Nanyang Polytechnic)
- Mala Xiang Guo🥘

Medium spicy level, not bad at all! Pretty spicy but less spicy as compared to a McSpicy. The saltiness and spiciness are quite on point, got that kick that is. Felt a bit lacking of that numbing sensation, but overall worth trying.

Damage: $11.95 (enough for two pax)

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3 Jun’23, Sat🌧
📍Munchi Pancakes (Fernvale Hawker)
- Original Coconut Pancake🥥
- Charcoal Peanut Pancake🥜
- Green Tea Red Bean Pancake🫘

Prefer the coconut to the peanut to the red bean pancake.

Generous coconut filling, a little sweet though, but is nice. Peanut one is the safe bet, will be perfect if the peanut jam could be thicker. As for the red bean pancake, find it a tad too sweet to my likings.

Damage: $4.50 ($1.50 each)

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2 Jun’23, Fri (PH - Vesak Day)🌤
📍Thye Guan Fragrant Hot Pot 泰源麻辣香鍋 (Punggol Plaza Koufu)
- 麻辣香鍋🌶

Mala hotpot with medium spicy level, quite spicy, but bearable, like the kick, yum!

30 May’23, Tue🌤
📍Good Pig Trotters Fried Bee Hoon (Arcade)
- Soya Sauce Chicken Rice🍗
- Braised Egg🥚

This soya sauce chicken meat was so tender and juicy, the rice is also fragrant (probably cos of chicken oil and garlic) and distinct (not mushy), totally worth the calories!

The chilli is like bonus, value-add to the chicken rice, yum~

A tad ex but the price point at CBD area is considered norm already…

Damage: $7.10

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27 May’23, Sat🌤
📍Old Bugis Kway Chap (Kopitiam Square)
- Kway Chap set (without pig skin and pork belly)

Smooth and chewy kway, well cleaned and braised intestines, decent kway chap around the vicinity.

Damage: $6.12 ($5.80 kway chap + $1 kway - 10% discount with payment via FairPrice app

22 May’23, Mon🌤
📍Amoy St Lor Mee
- Lor Mee🍜

Decent Lor Mee at the price of only $3.50! Comes with fried fish, braised pork belly, beansprout and ngoh hiang thingy, not bad for a try if you are nearby the vicinity.

Damage: $3.50

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6 Dec’22, Tue🌧
📍Yi Jia Chun (The Arcade)
- Pig Stomach and Pork Ribs Soup 豬肚排骨湯

Peppery pig stomach soup warms one up on a rainy day~

Plenty of pig stomach and pork ribs, nicely prepared, generous portion and no unpleasant gamey smell!

But be prepared to leave that place smelling like I don’t know, I need febreze…

Damage: $7 (without rice)

13 Apr’22, Wed🌤
📍Ah Gong Minced Pork Noodle (Maxwell Food Centre)
- Signature Claypot Bak Chor Mee (Dry) 自創砂鍋麵🍜

Quite disappointed for the bcm was lacking that hint of black vinegar, all I tasted of was just chilli and a bit of soya sauce.

On top of that, the overpowering pork lard, and mushy meepok (probably cos constant warming in the claypot), just made this meal a little surfeiting to stomach.

The minced meat balls and wantons were alright, decent.

The portion was quite small, made me feel like getting a dessert or something to fill my stomach and to clear my palate…hmm…

Observed queue during lunch hr, and the uncle was very friendly, maybe the bcm didn’t make it to the std that day or maybe the soup one do better than the dry one, I’m not sure but well…

Damage: $4.50

10 Apr’22, Sun🌧
📍老吳記羊肉湯 Mutton Soup (AMK)
- 羊肉湯 Mutton Soup🍲

Rainy day calling for a bowl of piping hot mutton soup to warm one up~

Nice herbal mutton soup, can smell it even from far~

Soup was well balanced (neither diluted nor overpowering), ginger and coriander definitely play impt roles, not forgetting to mention the sweetness from the goji berries…

The mutton was tender, the gamey smell from the mutton was also mild, at least to me this was acceptable, and the stall was generous with the portion of mutton, at this price, what a steal indeed!

Though came by at off peak period (at abt 3pm+), waited for a good one hour for it, can’t imagine during lunch hour…

Overall, a value-for-$ mutton soup that I wouldn’t mind coming back for (but maybe not that frequent cos of the wait)…

Damage: $5.50 (without rice)

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19 Mar’22, Sat🌤
📍Ming Shan Mutton Soup (Chinatown Complex)
- Mutton Rib Soup🍲

The mutton was tender and a little gamey (which I like), in a good way, not too gamey, go pleasantly well with ginger and coriander~ Generous portion of meat too!

The herbal soup was deep and sweet, sweetness from the goji I believe.

Overall, this was good, feeling warm after having a bowl of mutton soup, and definitely value-for-money!

Would revisit this stall!

Damage: $6

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27 Dec’22, Mon🌤
📍No Name Hainanese Curry Rice (Beo Crescent)
- Hainanese Pork Chop🍖
- Fried Prawns🍤
- Cabbage🥗
- Sunny Side-up🍳

The pork chop belongs to the thin and crispy type, can’t really taste or even see the meat, more like a pork-crackling I would say. It’s not bad but I prefer a thicker / meaty pork chop though.

The prawns were the must-order, like it crispy and the seasoning was good (not too salty) but really complement well with the rice and curry sauce!

The cabbage was pretty soft, and the sunny side-up with running yolk, nothing to complain, decent~

Last but not least the curry sauce, not that spicy, just the spice to add a little kick, and it’s quite diluted, not ask thick as I expected, at least makes one feel less heavy and less sinful, not bad…

Be prepared to queue for a good 30min for this during lunch hour…

Damage: $5.50 (excluding coffee)

26 Apr’21, Mon🌤
📍Arcade Fish Soup (Arcade)
- Fish Soup (add veg)🍲

All-time fav, best on a rainy day, still good even on a sunny day.

Guess the fish was batang fish, tender (not mushy) and sweet (not legit sweet but is fresh seafood kind of sweet, u know what I mean).

The fried garlic and chilli cannot be missed~ The chilli is spicy and refreshing at the same time cos of the lime, yum!

Super long queue during lunch hr, be early to avoid the crowd!

Damage: $7

Ikigai J

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