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Old Hen's Creamy White Cold Brew Coffee

That milky taste with the aroma of the coffee linger inside your mouth and makes you crave for more. The kind of coffee that simply add on sparks to the goodness of your day #coffeebreak

Flat White ($4.50)

Realised I didn't try @oldhencoffee's Flat White before as I'm always distracted by their White Cold Brew (can't blame me right?). Oh my, I feel I've been missing out out all these years - one of the smoothest coffee I've had and so pleasantly delightful. I would say I enjoyed every sip of it, $4.50 well spent ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Cold Brews Trio

Matcha Cold Milk was a little too milky, and the Valrhona Dark Cocoa isn't coffee. Creamy White was not bad though.

Our life on weekends looks like this: @all_thingsbrightnbeautiful finds cafes on Instagram, and we accompany her there.

The results are usually varied, but we definitely enjoyed the food at @oldhencoffee.
As the sort of person who eats clotted cream by the spoonful, I'm now a convert to serving crispy golden waffles with Greek yogurt - jelak-ness, be gone! The Homemade Waffles ($12) here also come heaped with cinnamon-laced apple compote, as well as accents of crumble clusters and ground pistachios.

Quiet High Tea

It's one of my favorite spot.

Old hen will always serve good coffee and today I had good cake too! They have different cakes all the time. So you will not know what you will get.

Do come down if you've never try their coffee before! It's totally worth your time and cash!

Coffee or Tea?

As much as Old Hen Coffee Bar is not the first to sell bottled coffee, they have done a great job in making me want to come back for more of these chilled beverages.

The Cold Brew "Creamy White" Coffee (S$6.50) reminds me of a coffee variant of the iced milk tea in roti prata shops. On the other hand, the Cold Matcha Milk (S$7.00) tastes sweet and milky without masking the taste of matcha. Just a bottle of these will suffice as an afternoon treat or a post-meal drink.

Tuesday mornings.

We need some matcha fuel. Would be great if this was less milky and more matcha-y instead. I can't wait for the orange chocolate from @oldhencoffee TO BE OUT!

Cold Matcha Milk VS Peppermint Valrhona Dark Cocoa ($7 each), which one do you prefer?

I didn't really like Matcha Milk as i felt it was too milky, can't help but wish they had a stronger matcha taste. But am glad to see that latter is back! Cold thick cocoa with a hint of peppermint is just so shiok.

Matcha Milk ๐Ÿต ๆŠน่Œถ

All thanks to Zhi Hui (my one and only delivery girl), I got my hands on Old Hen Coffee's latest creation - Cold Matcha Milk.

Smooth and subtly bittersweet, the chilled concoction was definitely more milk than matcha imo. However, a harmonized blend, this flavoured milk beverage is surely a treat for the erratic weather nowadays.

Cold Matcha Milk

If Old Hen's (freakin' smooth and tasty) cold brew isn't your.. cup of tea, you'd be glad to know that they've got a good option of creamy Cold Matcha Milk ($7) using quality tea from @ippodotea! Well-balanced without being overpowering and it wasn't too sweet. We proceeded to make matcha float with good 'ol Haagen Daz's Green Tea ice cream ๐Ÿ˜‚. Gonna stock up the next time I'm in the area! (Also, my fav valrhona dark cocoa peppermint is baaaack)

A very clever move to partner with @ippodotea to come up with this Cold Matcha Milk ($7).

Now your tea drinking friends have no excuse to say no to you (while you have your coffee) ๐Ÿ˜‚

Really really easy to drink, the Matcha Milk is smooth, creamy and doesn't have a bitter aftertaste (though the Matcha flavours isn't very gao) but I personally really love it โค๏ธ Available at both the Rangoon Road (Old hen cafe and bar) and Owen Road (Old Hen Kitchen). They now serve hot Japanese tea as well.

Chicken Cheese Burrito ๐ŸŒฏ 
Since I'm already in Old Hen Coffee Bar, might as well just have my dinner there.

I gave this Chicken Cheese Burrito a try. The chicken was tender although, a bit dry to my liking. I assume, they wanted it to be a healthy choice thus, they didn't make it too flavourful which I completely understand considering that this will be, most likely, partnered with coffee. Anyway, it was filling and satisfying. All that matters for a hungry stomach! Hehe ๐Ÿ˜œ Surely, I'll be coming back for their bottled goodness!
#burpple #oldhencoffeebar #burrito

Cold Brew Suit Best On Sunny Sunday

Cold brew by old hen is famous where people do drop by and grab some to-go cold brews. It comes with several flavours which I think both in the photo are good! The panna cotta is great too. Just to be reminded, there's no main course in the coffee bar, only good for tea break (not so great for hangout with friends though, as many Super-hard-working students occupying the seats)!

Cold Brew (White)

They definitely have changed the bottles but not sure if they seemed to have changed the recipe as well? This bottle felt less sweet than what I remembered it to be with a lighter coffee taste as well โ€” still a good beverage but it seems to lacks a bit of the punch of the usual standard somehow ...

Cold brew black, dark cocoa or creamy white?

When you can't decide what you want, you get all 3!
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