Miyuki Izakaya (Serangoon Garden)

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From the Burpple community

This was sadly too tough for me, and some parts were also too fatty for me.

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Grilled whole squid (imported Surume lka) served with homemade yuzu spicy sauce on the side. The tail was a little tough for my liking, but the body of the squid was pretty well-cooked. Also had a nice light smokey flavour & char!

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This grilled 3 days aged black cod marinated with Miyuki's special miso might not be very evenly seasoned, as some parts were more heavily seasoned, and on the other hand you do get to taste purely the flavours of the meat itself at other parts.
Still enjoyed it flavourwise even with the heavy seasoning, and this fish was soft in terms of texture but still had a bite.

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Don't really eat sashimi but these were definitely thick slices!! You can expect Salmon, Maguro, and Makajiki here!

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First time trying White Curry, and this is from Miyuki Izakaya's new outlet at @myvillagesg.

Hokkaido White Curry Seafood Udon ($20.90)
Definitely an interesting one for me -- it doesn't look like curry (more like cream), yet it does smell and taste like curry, except it's much milder, smoother and creamier than your usual Jap curry!
This bowl was stewed with spices from Hokkaido, fresh Hokkaido milk, potatoes, carrots, onions and shimeji mushrooms.

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