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Wine And Dine

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Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

A simple yet elegant appetizer. The angus beef was sliced to a nice paper thin thickness and it was tender and rich, pairing well with the rockets, shaved Parmigiano cheese and lemon dressing.

This sundae is built on a base of pecan pie chunks, topped with vanilla ice cream and oat cookie crumbs, and a drizzle of miso caramel. It's sweet-salty, creamy, gooey and textural contrast of nutty crunch.

The highly recommended Crab Toast has been elevated to give it more unami. The brioche toast was generously loaded with crab and it was a burst of flavours with each bite - buttery, savoury, zesty and natural sweetness from the crab meat.

The Capri in a Cake is a classic limoncello caprese served with Amalfi lemon cream and extra virgin olive oil ice cream. It was cakey, sweet and absolutely tarty and tangy-licious, and the accompanying ice-cream was light and creamy.

Bursting with refreshing flavours, the Burratina tart is prepared with marinated bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and pine nuts; and a creamy burrata cheese as its star front and center. This savoury tart was unbelievably luscious with delightful contrasting textures.

A favourite for most, we had the in-house made Truffle Brie  with Honeycomb ($28). The brie was laced in the middle with decadent black truffle and was expectantly creamy, earthy and mildly salty. A great partner with the luscious cheese was the sweet honeycomb that perfectly complemented the saltiness and earthiness of the cheese. To pair with this harmonious combination, we added on crackers ($5) and a bottle of rose wine. The Not Your Grandma's rose ($68) was easy on the palette and light-bodied with subtle sweetness. Its crisp acidity and fruitness worked well with the brie.

Other than serving up hearty Italian dishes, Latteria Mozzarella Bar carries a wide range of mozzarella cheese. To start the cheese rolling, we had not one but two starters with cheese as the key highlight.

Stracciatella Cheese 'Pappa al Pomodoro' ($15)
A traditional thick Tuscan bread soup prepared with fresh tomatoes as its main star. As the description on the menu stated tomato stew, I was expecting it to be a hot dish. And to my surprise (and in a good way), it was served chilled on a bed of arugula and topped with stracciatella cheese. The pairing of the rich vibrant taste of the stew and the luscious "creamy" light flavour cheese was a summery delight. Every bite was refreshing and had a nice textural contrast.

Burratina Affumicata ($28)
A first for me - the smoked burrata has a more intense flavour as compared to the traditional burrata. Topped with porcini mushrooms, the mushrooms added an earthy nuttiness to the soft and creamy burrata centre with a "crunch" element from the rocket leaves.

Probably the most representative of french food with no frills. Brine for 24 hours, the chicken is marinated in buttermilk before being deep-fried and drenched in herb, garlic, lemon and honey. These decadent fried pieces were flavourfully tasty, moist and fork tender with every bite. Definitely standing out as their signature dish to have.

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A timeless classic. The beef brisket soaked in the deep rich flavour of the red wine sauce and was meltingly tender and tore apart easily. Served over a bed of pappardelle pasta, this dish was hearty and very satisfying.

Thinly sliced potatoes are confit in duck fat before being deep-fried until crisp. Each brick was perfectly layered and had a nice delightful crunch to it. Simple yet delicious though I would suggest they cut back on the salt.

These mini choux puffs were fluffy and paired with a velvety smooth vanilla ice cream, it sure hit the sweet spot to end a delectable meal.

Hearty-ly delicious! The pappardelle pasta was perfectly al dente and each strand was slathered with savoury meaty sauce. Not only was the pasta dish packed with a depth of flavour, it was filled with generous amount of tender and juicy shredded beef meat.

The sea bass was beautifully executed as well as it was pan seared to a nice crisp skin. The flesh was firm, succulent and flaky with a mild delicate flavour and subtle sweetness to it. Placed on a bed of creamy spinach, the richness was a nice accompaniment with the fish.

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