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Featuring Enjoy Eating House & Bar (Jalan Besar), The Drunken Poet, Genius Central, BURN, 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw House), DOCO (International Plaza), Putien 莆田 (Jurong Point), Creme & Cone (Lau Pa Sat), Smöoy (Jem), Venchi (Marina Bay Sands)
Hwee Ling
Hwee Ling

Used Burpple Beyond for the Classic Yogurt, where you can choose 2 toppings. Tried the Fruit of the Forest yogurt and the original yogurt and liked both! The matcha topping was a lil too strong in flavour and masked the yogurt taste.

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Ordered one beef and one chicken don for takeaway using Burpple Beyond. Please note that you can only choose beef once!

The set came with a tiny bowl and miso soup and a canned drink. The beef was really delicious and flavourful, though not the healthiest as there were quite a lot of fatty bits (I personally love them so I’m not complaining). I’m not sure if it’s because I ordered takeaway and only ate it after 1hr, but the rice was rly mushy.

They kindly packed the fish skin separately so that it will not get soggy, which was a nice touch. The chicken was delicious as well, a little on the sweet side. The miso soup tasted good, but the bowl was so tiny and didn’t have any ingredients inside 🥲

Overall, the $16.80 paid was worth it, and would recommend it! Definitely not a healthy option as they did not even have vegetables available. But the meats were rly well done ☺️

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Used Burpple 1-for-1 on a weekday and it was relatively quiet. Once I entered the restaurant, I was asked which deal/promo I would be using, and was presented a Burpple Set which was different from what was shown in the app (1-for-1 mains).

The Burpple set consists of one main (Burger/Fish and Chips/Ribs/Beef Stew) and one Cocktail/Mocktail for $38+.

Ordered the Ribs with Rose cocktail and my partner order the Fish and Chips with Bells of Ireland cocktail. The mains and drinks were delicious, and I personally preferred the Bells of Ireland cocktail as it was slightly sour and had less of an alcohol taste. Both mains were delicious, and the fries were perfectly fried and not too oily.

Overall, an enjoyable dining experience and would return for the food but please be mindful that the menu you see on the app is different from what was presented. The cocktails and mocktails in the Burpple menu is also not in the main menu.

Ordered takeaway using Burpple Beyond. The set came with a poke bowl, an add-on and a drink. Paid $3 extra and got the spicy salmon + roasted sesame tuna combi.

Not sure if they gave the wrong sauce but the roasted sesame tuna just tasted like mayo to me. There was too much sauce with the veggies as well, and made it not that healthy. The fish was fresh, and the different textures went quite well together. The watermelon was a surprise as it was so refreshing!

Total amount paid was $16.90 (after $3 top-up for more fish) and it was honestly so worth it! There is also an ongoing Shopback promo where I believe it’s $16.90 for 2 poke bowls.

Be prepared to wait as I went in the evening and there was only one person behind the counter who was manning the cashier and also had to prepare the food as well.

Ordered Pork Jowl ($28) and Soy Chicken ($22). The portion of the meat seemed a bit too little for the price, and wasn’t really well-seasoned. The chicken’s size was like those one piece chicken cutlet that I buy from the supermarket :( I know through Google reviews that they measure the meats to ensure that the size is the same for the meats, but it’s still too small for the price charged. I guess you are paying for the service, where they would cook the meat for you.

The soy chicken marinate tasted Chinese instead of Korean. I’ve lived in Korea for awhile so I know that Korean Soy Chicken is a little sweet and savoury, but this rly just tasted like a bit of soy sauce and pepper was marinated with the chicken :(

I loved the onions though, cook it for a longer period of time so it’s completely caramelised! Their kimchi is delicious as well.

Overall, I paid $32.76 for 2 pax. I would still return and perhaps try the stews, which nearly every table had. Please note that they do not serve water and a jug is chargeable at $2. Please remember to make a reservation beforehand and quote Burpple Beyond.

I believe we ordered Salted Caramel, Stracciatella, Matcha and one of the chocolate gelato. I came expecting to see the Panna Cotta flavour but it has been sadly replaced by others 😭

I was quite blown away by the first mouth of the Salted Caramel and Stracciatella, but it was a little too sweet for me and melted pretty quickly as well. The matcha was a miss for me, the yuzu taste overpowered the matcha, and it was a confusing experience. The chocolate was rich and not too sweet, and my partner said that the matcha paired surprisingly well with the chocolate.

Overall, still worth it when purchased with Burpple Beyond, and bill came up to $10 for 2 cones and 4 flavours.

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Ordered the BBQ Pork Cheek ($18) and Singapore Style Chilli Prawns ($22, not pictured) with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1.

The BBQ Pork Cheek was delicious and beautifully presented. All the different components such as the achar, spicy-sour peanuts and tangy sauce really helped to enhance the flavours of the pork cheek. It was truly grilled to perfection, yet still juicy on the inside and tender to the bite. Truly brought me back to the delicious pork dishes I had in Thailand. However, the price is quite steep and there weren’t that many pieces.

The Singapore Style Chilli Prawns could have been spicier, but the prawns were so big and juicy. I’m honestly too lazy to eat Chilli Crab elsewhere as it’s too expensive and takes too much effort to get to the flesh, so i’m thankful that I could enjoy the sauce with mantous without getting my hands dirty. Special shoutout to the perfectly fried and airy mantous that helped to scoop up the gravy. It was so good that we ordered 8pcs!

The drinks were really pricey and honestly pretty average. We ordered the Iced Lemon Tea ($5) and Pandan Lemongrass Tea ($5), which came in a cute mason glass cup with a lot of ice 🥲

Ordered the Teochew Orh Ni ($5) to end off the meal, and it was not too sweet and really thick. The bowl was really tiny though and we wiped it out in what felt like seconds 🥲

Overall, a truly enjoyable experience and would recommend to come during off-peak hours for a shorter waiting time ☺️

Returned with high expectations after the delicious visit a few months back, but sadly disappointed by the quality this time round.

The menu has changed and the main course choices have been reduced. The portion, concentration of the broth, and ingredients in the Ca Fen has reduced significantly (if you want to, you could scroll to my earlier Pu Tien review back in Jan 2021 for reference).

While the dish was still passable, I can’t help but to feel a bit disappointed as the previous visit was so good. I hope the difference is not because I’m using Burpple Beyond, and hope that their Ca Fen could be back to it’s glory days 🥲

Bill came up to $12.85 after using Burpple Beyond 1-for-1.

Ordered the signature Butter Chicken ($17.9) and Chicken Tikka Masala ($17.9) with burpple beyond 1-for-1, added on Garlic and Butter Naan ($4 for 2 pieces each flavour).

So delicious! Came during a rainy evening, and the food literally warmed me up from the inside. There’s something so comforting about a warm naan dipped in the rich sauces...

Of the 2 chicken dishes, I preferred the Chicken Tikka Masala as it was slightly spicier, while my partner preferred the sweeter and creamier Butter Chicken. Both were really delicious! Somehow the Butter Naan paired better with the spicier Chicken Tikka Masala and the Garlic Naan paired better with the sweeter Butter Chicken.

Food was served promptly and there was a small sink to wash your hands before digging in. We were also served a jug of water and some crackers with a dip before the mains were served, which was a very nice touch. There were gravy left that I did not want to waste and the staff kindly packed it up for me as well ☺️

Bill came out to $28.49 after 10% service charge. Overall, so worth it for the quality of the food and good service. Would definitely return! 😊👍🏻


The Ca Fen exceeded all expectations!!! Taste so full of umami and wok hey omggg i’m blown away. Thought it will be bland but it’s the most delicious noodle dish I’ve eaten. Tasted a bit like shark fin but MORE DELICIOUS. Can get a slight bit jelak at the end but nothing the yummy chilli cannot solve ☺️ The chilli was sour, garlicky and really whet one’s appetite.

The Lor Mee was delicious as well, but pales in comparison to the Ca Fen. The soup tasted lighter with many vegetables and seafood. The noodle was really chewy and u-mian like.

The bill came up to $12.85 after using Burpple 1-for-1, which is a steal! Service was top-notch as well. Remember not to take the starters and wet tissue if you don’t want to pay for them 😊


Super authentic gelato in tins, and the texture was so gooey and rich. The Panna Cotta flavour is one of their newer flavours and tasted so divine... Even my partner who is a chocolate fan kept stealing my ice cream 😂

Felt that the hazelnut and pistachio flavours was a bit sweet and cloying, but the amazing panna cotta flavour helped with the richness 😋

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Saw a few good reviews on the salmon, but didn’t think it suited my taste buds.

There were too many flavours which I felt didn’t go together. The dill sauce that was drizzled all over the salmon was tangy and went really well with the salmon. But when mixed with the mashed potato, it tasted a bit strange to me. As the mashed potato was dairy-free, the tang of the dill clashed with the nuttiness of the potato (I assumed nut milk was used due to the after-taste). Fresh herbs like dill, coriander and mint were added on top which tasted quite weird when mixed together. There was also a drizzle of olive oil and a brown sauce over the broccoli and also two other vegetables with varying textures. While it was exciting tasting and mixing the different flavours and textures, it felt a bit too much for my taste buds.

As for the risotto, there were only a few flakes of salmon within the dish and it felt too overpriced. Would definitely not pay full price for this dish. The dish had a very smoky taste, which helped to cut the creaminess of the sauce. While my partner enjoyed it and did not feel that it was too “jelak”, I was not a big fan.

Overall, I would say the visit was still a pleasant one. Food arrived promptly and service was pretty good. The restaurant was pretty quiet on a weekday night with many people using their laptops. Noticed quite a few orders of the quesadilla and might try that if I drop by in the future! ☺️


Others call me a slow eater but I prefer to say that I’m savouring my meal 👅 Follow me on @thecowgrazing for more 🙈

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