Ordered Pork Jowl ($28) and Soy Chicken ($22). The portion of the meat seemed a bit too little for the price, and wasn’t really well-seasoned. The chicken’s size was like those one piece chicken cutlet that I buy from the supermarket :( I know through Google reviews that they measure the meats to ensure that the size is the same for the meats, but it’s still too small for the price charged. I guess you are paying for the service, where they would cook the meat for you.

The soy chicken marinate tasted Chinese instead of Korean. I’ve lived in Korea for awhile so I know that Korean Soy Chicken is a little sweet and savoury, but this rly just tasted like a bit of soy sauce and pepper was marinated with the chicken :(

I loved the onions though, cook it for a longer period of time so it’s completely caramelised! Their kimchi is delicious as well.

Overall, I paid $32.76 for 2 pax. I would still return and perhaps try the stews, which nearly every table had. Please note that they do not serve water and a jug is chargeable at $2. Please remember to make a reservation beforehand and quote Burpple Beyond.