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xilly -
xilly -

Ordered Crab Aglio Olio, Big breakfast, Smoked bacon & egg wrap, Chicken with peri peri sauce, Truffle fries & Sweet potato wrap.
EVERYTHING was subpar / bad, only their sweet potato fries & truffle fries were decently good.

Crab Aglio Olio: lacking flavour & the crab meat was definitely not the most fresh.

Big Breakfast: Mushroom & Harshbrown is good, egg was a tad disappointing 🥲

Smoked bacon & Egg wrap: Strongly encourage everyone to order from KFC/Mac instead if you wanna get wrap 🙂

Chicken with peri peri sauce: Sorry.. but. Is this suppose to be spicy as per mentioned in menu? 😳

Latte was standard like how it should taste. Iced chocolate have no chocolate taste.

Also, their service were not the best. As seen on many google reviews, their service staffs definitely do not seem happy to serve or assist their customers. However, gotta give thumbs up to one of the male cashier handling us today, we came in at 3.45pm for the last order & he accommodated to us (tho we got a shock first when he said last order is over at 3.30pm but the website clearly stated 3.45pm).

Overall, would not recommend this place unless you're here to chill with drinks & dessert.

Ordered Shrooms Bagel & Ham Bagel, ice lemon tea & iced latte, lastly their recommended Macadamia Butter Blondie. The bagels are just alright & just so you guise know, it's supposed to be POACHED eggs as stated in their menu but when it came, it was soft boil egg.. just a little more & it will be hard boil eggs already ya? The ham was also very salty. The drinks were decent, like how it should taste.

So, finally. It's time for the blondie which we highly anticipated. We got the server to serve it. Waited 10mins, didn't come. Asked again for the SECOND time, didn't come. Asked the 3rd time, oh it didn't come but we were told that the chef was making it & had to wait 5mins. (Did the first waitress have no basic courtesy to at least inform us we had to wait?) The 5mins turned into 15mins & it did not come. We waited a total of 35mins, the blondie obviously turned blonde & melted so it disappeared?? Went to cashier to cancel it & guess what? The cashier readily cancelled with no concern as to why we did it & return us our money. So what does this say? This action clearly shows that they were very ready to cancel it & they prolly did not have the item ready at all.
(they did not bother to try to do service recovery at all 🙂 Understand that they do not charge service fees but to give this kinda service?)

Not sure how I feel about wanting to go back to try their lunch/dinner menu, but I will definitely not recommend this place. Terribly service with subpar food that's not worth the travel or wait.

Ordered porridge, siu mai, char siu pau, mango prawn salad roll & xiao long bao here.

Tbh, not a single thing is of standard as compared to the Masa at Orchard. Do not bother coming Great World City to eat Masa.

1. Fish & Mushroom porridge - Forcefully acceptable
2. Siu Mai (with prawn) - Taste BAD. The prawn has a super strong fishy smell & taste
3. Char Siu Pau - Forcefully acceptable (on the sweet side)
4. Mango Prawn salad roll - Not sure if they are out of mango or their chef forgot it's MANGO prawn. They used banana in it. Please, do not call it mango prawn.
5. Xiao Long Bao - Don't bother ordering this.

Service: 3/5 - They kept sending wrong food to us? & When we ask for pepper, the waitress said " ok coming. " Till our meal is finished - sorry but I do not see the pepper at all.

Overall, skip this place 🤦🏻‍♀️

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