Ordered porridge, siu mai, char siu pau, mango prawn salad roll & xiao long bao here.

Tbh, not a single thing is of standard as compared to the Masa at Orchard. Do not bother coming Great World City to eat Masa.

1. Fish & Mushroom porridge - Forcefully acceptable
2. Siu Mai (with prawn) - Taste BAD. The prawn has a super strong fishy smell & taste
3. Char Siu Pau - Forcefully acceptable (on the sweet side)
4. Mango Prawn salad roll - Not sure if they are out of mango or their chef forgot it's MANGO prawn. They used banana in it. Please, do not call it mango prawn.
5. Xiao Long Bao - Don't bother ordering this.

Service: 3/5 - They kept sending wrong food to us? & When we ask for pepper, the waitress said " ok coming. " Till our meal is finished - sorry but I do not see the pepper at all.

Overall, skip this place 🤦🏻‍♀️