Ordered Crab Aglio Olio, Big breakfast, Smoked bacon & egg wrap, Chicken with peri peri sauce, Truffle fries & Sweet potato wrap.
EVERYTHING was subpar / bad, only their sweet potato fries & truffle fries were decently good.

Crab Aglio Olio: lacking flavour & the crab meat was definitely not the most fresh.

Big Breakfast: Mushroom & Harshbrown is good, egg was a tad disappointing 🥲

Smoked bacon & Egg wrap: Strongly encourage everyone to order from KFC/Mac instead if you wanna get wrap 🙂

Chicken with peri peri sauce: Sorry.. but. Is this suppose to be spicy as per mentioned in menu? 😳

Latte was standard like how it should taste. Iced chocolate have no chocolate taste.

Also, their service were not the best. As seen on many google reviews, their service staffs definitely do not seem happy to serve or assist their customers. However, gotta give thumbs up to one of the male cashier handling us today, we came in at 3.45pm for the last order & he accommodated to us (tho we got a shock first when he said last order is over at 3.30pm but the website clearly stated 3.45pm).

Overall, would not recommend this place unless you're here to chill with drinks & dessert.