Snacc Attacc

Snacc Attacc

Featuring DOPA DOPA (South Bridge Road), Just Dough (Suntec City), 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), Haritts (Havelock), Yin Ji, My Cosy Corner, Ng Kim Lee Confectionery, DON DON DONKI (Clarke Quay Central), Joy Luck Teahouse (ION Orchard), The Bakehaus
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was my first time eating epok epok and it was so good!! Loved the potato one (kentang) - thin crunchy
flaky crust encasing soft creamy potatoes in a fragrant curry, the curry was rly quite nice, the blend of spices used was right up my alley. Not too spicy so I could fully appreciate the flavours. Sardine one was nice too but a little too spicy for me. The onions gave a nice sweetness! My bf loves sardine puffs and he rly enjoyed this one.

A v good first try of epok epok! Also they were piping HOT when we ate it so it was extra shiok. Queue can be quite long sometimes but that's good because the constant demand = fresh epok epok, as they constantly make new batches.

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Peanut is smunchy (smooth + crunchy) and is p thicc, the flowy smooth part sticks to ur teeth and can get a bit cloying. But pb was good! Nicely roasted, slightly salty which balances out the sweeter pancake. I like that it’s v crunchy, lots of large crunchy peanut bits.

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Got this as a gift! Donuts were v soft and fluffy, chewy & bready. Dusted with icing sugar, not rly sweet. Slightly oily but not too greasy, it’s like a nice bread. Enjoyable, but not particularly amazing - this was more bread than donut to me.


Got the double choc for free as part of their opening promo!

These were supposedly sourdough muffins but I couldn’t rly taste any tanginess, the sourdough-ness was lost.

For the matcha one, matcha taste was discernible, not dry but has a slight astringent aftertaste :/ Slivered almonds were not crunchy; there weren’t too many white choc chips which I'm glad for, bc I don't like white choc. Texture was decent, a typical cakey, crumbly muffin sponge.

Preferred the double choc - was more moist, and was chocolatey enough + had some melty choc chips. Decent muffins, flavours didn’t impress so I don’t think I’ll repurchase, as there are nearby muffin stores (Bake Of @ amoy, Chocolat & Spice @ tjpg plaza, SL II @ tjpg market) with tastier muffins that I prefer!

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My favourite flavour! Used to have this very often as it was convenient to get on the way to class back when I was in school. There’s a nice fragrance to the batter, and the filling is chunky rather than just a pure paste. But it needs to be freshly made / reheated when eaten tho, as the pancake tastes drier when it’s been pre-packed and the aunties / uncle just picks up the bag to pass to you when you order :/

I personally prefer a slightlyyy more flowy nut butter - this was rly thicc, a bit cloying for me. But I liked the plentifull amount of nuts! There were some parts that were pretty salty tho, perhaps the salt wasn’t mixed through evenly. I did like the roasty cashew flavour that came through :) I spread this on toasted shokupan & sourdough, and I felt that it tasted better on the sourdough!

This has a rather strong black sesame taste (from the black sesame cream injected into the donut), it wasn't too sweet and I actually quite liked it.

This was pretty light and fluffy, with a lot of cream that has a tangy citrusy taste. But this is definitely a misnomer, because they use lemon, not yuzu. It's not super sour but I think it's decent enough, I wouldn't mind a more tangy one tho. I could do without the outer glaze (apparently it's made out of the same lemon cream filling + some sugar). Out of the 4 I tried (yuzu, ondeh, sesame, peanut), this is the one that feels most like a donut. The rest deviate away from what a *donut* means to me, and not a particularly positive way.

This was quite sweet but I have a soft spot for the gula melaka / molasses type of sweetness, so it wasn't cloying. This one was also quite fluffy, but tasted more like a bread bun rather than a donut? It's green but there was no pandan taste, if I had it blindfolded I would have thought it was a normal bun.

I prefer the original flower bowl. This one only has banana for fruit, plus cacao nibs, chia seeds, granola and 2 types of nut butters (we chose cashew and almond) as topping. The cashew butter is a bit thick (typical of cashew butters) and doesn’t rly go well with the acai. The acai base is great as usual. Will stick with the original flower bowl!

Pistachio cake: p nice, there were subtle lime flavours in the cake, liked the pop of flavour that the lime presented. Didn’t really taste the cardamom. Cake has a nice texture, not dry and was rather palatable.

Hojicha cookie: still don’t rly like her cookies (I’ve tried once before this) as the soft texture & cakey is not my cup of tea. But the hojicha adequately present, it’s sweet but the hojicha balances it out a bit. Speculoos was ok but not lava, I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t present too.

The last part of the cookie I had was actl quite nice tho? Because it was crunchy. It’s the part under the speculoos. The other parts of the cookie not directly under the filling were cakey.

Banana loaf: flavour was pronounced and it wasn’t sweet even though there is gula melaka. Texture-wise, a bit gummy. Like a sponge? I think it’s bc it’s an oil based cake? Walnuts provided a nice crunch.

Apple crumble bar: nice cinnamon earthy flavours, apple was soft but not limp/mushy (v slight crunch), kinda gooey and messy to eat but I liked this the most! Not too sweet too.

Overall, some hits and misses, but I appreciate that she changes up her menu pretty often + she does rather interesting & daring combinations which I’m up for (yknow not like a generic home baker that does Nutella / speculoos / standard bakes), so I wouldn’t mind trying another box!

Berries were tart and nice, this also got soggy as I ate it the day after purchasing it, but toasting it for a bit got it slightly crisp again. This is nice and buttery, but just a bit pricey. There's also some sort frangipane ish stuff on the exterior? Quite delicious but it didn’t blow me away as compared to the Kouign Amann.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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