Featuring Dong Bei Ren Jia 东北人家, Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant (The Grandstand), Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat (Balestier), Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant, Alijiang 阿里疆 (VivoCity)
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Sautéed tomato with egg. Creamy eggy goodness with an appetizing tang, so simple but so fulfilling. What you’ll call comfort food. Could really have this everyday 😋


Enoki mushroom with cucumber salad. Very refreshing and light dish, good to have to take a break from the mala and the grease. Love the crunch from the shredded cucumber and carrots and the delicate earthy flavors from the enokis, all well tossed in a light and tasty sesame scented dressing. Very well thought of combination that constantly caresses the taste bud. Just can’t get enough of this

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With roots in Hunan cuisine, stir fried beef with cumin typically features tender pieces of meat stir-fried with onions and/or peppers and aromatics (garlic and ginger), lightly glossed in a soy sauce–based glaze, seasoned with spices (cumin, Sichuan peppercorns, and dried chiles or chili powder).

Sichuan’s best kept secret has got to be this Sichuan style boiled sliced fish. Definitely a must order here, a delicacy well loved by many. Plump, thick slices of fish floating in a peppercorn infused red broth, loaded with glass noodles, cabbage, garlic, star anise, dried red chillis and ginger. Despite the angry red broth and feral glints of chilli, this flavorful broth definitely taste a lot less daunting/spicy than it looks.

Pickled cabbage with starch noodle. One of my favorite dishes originated from Sichuan cuisine. Got to love the tangy notes from the pickled cabbage and the slippery noodle in the irresistible tantalizing sauce.

Top row: left to right
1. Popiah [$4.60/each] - kind of like the use of egg crepe skin instead of regular popiah skins
2. Kueh pie tie [$9.90] - chili was awesome!
3. Cabbage roll [$5.50/each] - steamed cabbage roll with otah

Second row: left to right
4. Buah keluak fried rice [$14.10] - fragrant, nutty and wholesome. Like this better than silver fish fried rice
5. Ayam buah keluak [$20.70] - good execution of this traditional dish
6. Ngoh hiang [$17.20] - Plum rolls packed with goodness

Third row:
7. Nyonya chap chye[$11.90] - this was delish! Braised well and flavorful
8. Mee Siam goreng [$9.70] - packs a punch! Savory and well balanced with a tang
9. Sambal sweet potato leaf [$11.90]

Top row from left to right

1. Appetizer: naan bread with chili paste and peanut butter.

2. Alijiang grilled lamb in cage - $7/piece. No gamey taste. Well seasoned with a nice char! They will offer to cut it up and serve on a plate.

3. Tamarisk lamb skewer - $6/each. Lamb cubes with spicy seasoning. Nothing fancy. Better off getting the grilled lamb in cage.

Second row left to right

4. Sautéed cabbage with crispy pancake - $16. The crispy pancake provides a good crunch, like crotons but flat!

5. Xinjiang oil sprinkled noodle - $16. Feels like a fusion dish, like a tomato based pasta. Not great, but not bad either. Comes with lamb meat.

6. XinJiang spicy pocket bun - $26. Love the use of the small chilies that is more on the sweet, sour side rather than just plain spicy. The additional flavor dimension really brings out the taste of the beef. To enhance the experience, wrap the meat & chilies the buns!

Third row left to right

7. Imperial Peking duck - $42/half. The lack of finesse in the slicing of the duck is really jarring. Each slice came with equal amounts of meat and skin. Not the way it should be. Hence, don’t expect the premium cuts of pure crispy roasted skin.

8. Alijiang cane pepper chicken - $18. Dish comes with thick handmade noodles similar to 刀削面. Love the numbing sensation from the chicken! Prob the most spicy dish of the night.

9. Turkish bbq beef sick - $8/piece. Not recommended. Reminded me of cheap beef patties. Didn’t help that the dish came with a few pathetic pieces of fries, gherkins and seasoned cherry tomatoes. There was ketchup too. The whole idea just reminded me of cheeseburger from Macs, which sadly isn’t appetizing at all.


The signature steamboat here comes with 3 types of fish options (in order of price from lowest): bardan fish, red garoupa, bucket pomfret in 4 different sizes. We got the largest size for the red garoupa (for 8pax+) at $75!

The broth from the soup is rich, flavorful and well balanced. Apart from the thick slices of fish, there are yam chunks, seaweed, cabbage along with 30 other herbs and ingredients that are said to go inside! It is said that the use of charcoal elevates the flavor by adding that robust smokiness.

The menu here is rather extensive for a comprehensive dining experience. We ordered several other dishes.

Fu Rong omelette [L-$16]

Deep friend prawn rolls [S-$14]

Specialty Food Street Tofu [L-$26]
This dish is prepared by steaming the blend of mashed silken tofu with egg mixture before steaming then topping it with the signature seafood sauce.

San lor horfun [L-$22]
Wok hei check box checked! Generous amount of fish. Just didn’t like the slightly undercooked beansprouts.

Mushroom with broccoli [L-$30]
You can’t really go wrong with this!

Marmite pork ribs [L-$27]
The kind that is diced into smaller chunks. Great sauce makes up for the fact that it’s not boneless.

Crispy yam basket with chicken [$24]
Slightly on the dry side for the yam ring, comes with a generous amount of shredded chicken!


Great deal from fave! 53% off for this deal. 6pax option is available too. Considering the quality of the food, this is really a steal. Don’t miss out!

Highlights from this menu would be the tender duck with crispy skin, the soon hock fish and the flavorful lotus leaf rice with dried shrimp and mushroom ! 😋

Items on the menu:
Bamboo basket of steamed live prawns
Roasted crispy canton half duck
Stir fried clams in X.O sauce
Poached naibai with superior soup
Braised fish maw soup with Abalone
Steamed soon hock fish in ‘hk’ style
Chilli crab
(驰名辣椒肉蟹) - mantou available for add on
Special fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf
Chilled almond tofu with longan

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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