Top row from left to right

1. Appetizer: naan bread with chili paste and peanut butter.

2. Alijiang grilled lamb in cage - $7/piece. No gamey taste. Well seasoned with a nice char! They will offer to cut it up and serve on a plate.

3. Tamarisk lamb skewer - $6/each. Lamb cubes with spicy seasoning. Nothing fancy. Better off getting the grilled lamb in cage.

Second row left to right

4. Sautéed cabbage with crispy pancake - $16. The crispy pancake provides a good crunch, like crotons but flat!

5. Xinjiang oil sprinkled noodle - $16. Feels like a fusion dish, like a tomato based pasta. Not great, but not bad either. Comes with lamb meat.

6. XinJiang spicy pocket bun - $26. Love the use of the small chilies that is more on the sweet, sour side rather than just plain spicy. The additional flavor dimension really brings out the taste of the beef. To enhance the experience, wrap the meat & chilies the buns!

Third row left to right

7. Imperial Peking duck - $42/half. The lack of finesse in the slicing of the duck is really jarring. Each slice came with equal amounts of meat and skin. Not the way it should be. Hence, don’t expect the premium cuts of pure crispy roasted skin.

8. Alijiang cane pepper chicken - $18. Dish comes with thick handmade noodles similar to 刀削面. Love the numbing sensation from the chicken! Prob the most spicy dish of the night.

9. Turkish bbq beef sick - $8/piece. Not recommended. Reminded me of cheap beef patties. Didn’t help that the dish came with a few pathetic pieces of fries, gherkins and seasoned cherry tomatoes. There was ketchup too. The whole idea just reminded me of cheeseburger from Macs, which sadly isn’t appetizing at all.