Great deal from fave! 53% off for this deal. 6pax option is available too. Considering the quality of the food, this is really a steal. Don’t miss out!

Highlights from this menu would be the tender duck with crispy skin, the soon hock fish and the flavorful lotus leaf rice with dried shrimp and mushroom ! 😋

Items on the menu:
Bamboo basket of steamed live prawns
Roasted crispy canton half duck
Stir fried clams in X.O sauce
Poached naibai with superior soup
Braised fish maw soup with Abalone
Steamed soon hock fish in ‘hk’ style
Chilli crab
(驰名辣椒肉蟹) - mantou available for add on
Special fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf
Chilled almond tofu with longan