Taiwan Mei Shi

Taiwan Mei Shi

Taiwan is another exciting place to go for their local foods and culture. Follow this list to taste some of the bad things you get taste in this place.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Ending my second Taipei with the usual thing, the signature bubble tea.

This is apparently one of their top drink among the menu, come with creamy milk, red bean and jelly inside.

There’s many local products that you can bring home as a souvenir, I personally would recommend this chocolate brand. They have won lots of awards for their local made chocolate.

Especially the 62% chocolate you must try it.

This Japanese curry restaurant gained lots of attention recently among the local for their Osaka style of curry using spices.

Their beef stewed spice curry only available for a limited quantity per day so better come here early. They open from 12pm.

A generous portion of beef stewed comes with all the ingredients from mushroom, tomato, salad to potato.

This cafe chain has recently opened a few outlets across the city, probably a new coffee place to go for you as alternative.

Beside the coffee, they also sell toast.

A truly Taiwanese street food that comes with all the ingredients including fish paste, radish, pig blood, meatball, tofu and crystal dumpling.

This stall is famous for their sauce and you can request for soup after you finish. NT50 (small)

After having all the street foods, get yourself a bag of ai yu bing from this famous stall for NT40.

Another long queue in front of the stall would be this one selling scallion crackers for NT20 per piece, add NT5 for egg.

They made every piece upon order and it is very crispy.

At night in Taiwan of course you shouldn’t miss out the chance to visit their night market. I’m lucky to have one here that is just opposite my hotel.

If you see any stalls here that have a long queue than it means they famous, for example this stall.

This stall famous for their fried fish paste made from swordfish and added with a small egg inside. NT10 per piece

If you are looking for some breads here in Taipei, head over to Da-an for this neighbourhood bakery.

They have all the delicious bread from croissants to sourdough that worth filling your tummy.

A very specialise shop on their brew tea. You can take a brief smell at the series of tea offered, then choose which taste you prefer the most. They have hot, iced and cold brew tea available.

For their cold brew, you get to bring home their interesting bottle.

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Serving the Taiwanese style of breakfast from omelette, soft bun to rice roll.

Their omelette choices are the signature one. I got the omelette wrapped with pork chop and peanut inside.

You can find lots of breakfast place around the city, from traditional place to hipster place like this one. Attracted lots of youngsters coming here to have their breakfast.

Soy milk is essential item for the breakfast as you find it in all of the breakfast places.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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