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I makan Sg
I makan Sg

Or the soup version for change? Though less the chilli and dark sauce, I kinda liked that I could better taste the noodles here. And of cos, more of their flavourful soup. Not a bad idea sometimes when I just want something lighter in taste.

Besides some Dim Sum selections, their menu offered typical HK dishes such as congee, roasted meat noodles, Cheong Fun and the iconic 公仔麵 (instant noodles with luncheon meant and egg). We had their 出前一丁 instant noodles, century egg congee and beef brisket Cheong Fun. They were pretty good, especially the first two, simple but tasty. Worthy to mention also was their glutinous rice in lotus leaf which was flavourful.
Inclusive of a drink for their set, their pricing was quite reasonable compared to other 茶餐廳 in SG. The one thing unlike that in HK is that you won’t have to squeeze into cramped seatings at this place is spacious, aircon-ed and comfortable. Overall, quite a good stop for HK cafe food, except driving will be necessary for its location.

Since our previous visit years ago, the taste in their dishes have not changed as far as we could remember. We ordered 3 classic Thai dishes and were not disappointed.
Their Thai prawn vermicelli was flavourful and stood out with those big prawns. We just love it when they used fresh prawns rather than frozen “crystal” prawns.
Green curry was enhanced with spices from which we could still find bits of them in the creamy curry. Only shortfall in it was perhaps that chicken breast was used instead of thigh meat in the curry.
Their Thai basil pork was well-cooked and also evident of the quality of pork used, consistent across their other dishes for quality ingredients.
While the presentation of their dishes might not be the most IG-worthy, the authenticity and taste of their dishes were a winner. Just a note that desserts would only be available during lunch due to manpower and they did not want to compromise on their food.

Although just a humble stall, its selection of dishes were pretty appealing, such as Rendang chicken, beef and braised pork 滷肉飯. This Rendang beef was tender and thoroughly flavoured in spicy good Rendang curry. With beautiful blue pea balsamic rice and crispy ikan billis, everything on the plate came together nicely.
Hope they keep up with the good cooking as we will be back for more, and we do look forward to more good food in the food court.

The broth was key. Dark coloured from the intense flavours packed in the clear soup that bathed the ramen. Go for the pickled vegetable soup for a sour kick.
There’s choices of various cuts of beef, including their yummy beef tendon that’s just irresistible. Complete the ramen with some of their sides for a hearty meal that will satisfy.

Yes, and that’s b’cos Yan Ji from Woodlands has opened a branch at Far East Plaza, closer to the heart of SG.
With just a humble outlet, it offered its good old seafood soup with a range of ingredients at varying prices. I went for the bowl with large Grouper fish slices at $14. Ex at initial thought, but this was actually quite worth it for those fresh sliced fish together with more fresh and big prawns in that delicious soup.
The colour of the soup suggested it all. Flavourful and sweet from the seafood richness. Their huge Bak Chor made the soup so satisfying and complete. Comparing it to a bowl of Japanese ramen at similar or higher price, I’d pick this for our very own local hawker pride while in Orchard Road.

The stall’s popular for their chicken rice and curry mee, so it was no surprise that their curry chicken mee was their best seller.
We loved that though their curry wasn’t the thick lemak type, it was more drinkable and satisfying b’cos its spiciness just delivered the kick in the tummy. The chicken meat was so smooth, tender and good it was a star on its own.
With generous portion of beancurd, fish cake and huge potato, this bowl was a good value for money only from our very own hawker stall.

The flavour in the broth was no let down from its brilliant colour, sweet and delicious. Unlikely those Japanese ramen broth, this was flavourful but not overly rich, such that we slurped up the last drop without feeling surfeited.
The Trio Shrimp was a good bowl to taste their prawn paste cake, dumpling and prawns. We loved the prawn paste cake, especially with those crunchy Ebiko roe, dumpling was pretty good too. The prawns, however, were just decent, fresh but lacked the sweetness. We also had their braised pork ribs which was a tasty option for those would want some meat in the meal.
Lastly, on the noodles. Being a localised or more Chinese version of Japanese ramen, Lamian was used instead which tend to have a softer bite and maybe even too soft for some after having soaked in the broth for too long. But this wasn’t much of an issue for us.
After their 1-for-1 launch hype last weekend, they now offer complimentary fried prawn roll fingers for customers who post and tag photos of the restaurant during the meal.
Many reasons why we’d return and the long queue outside, so try to avoid the peak hours to skip the wait.

We went for their premium congee with Alaskan crab as well as Hokkaido scallops with abalones. We were happy to find generous portions of those fresh seafood in the smooth velvety congee. Their congee looked pale but was definitely not lacking in flavour.
The crispy fried fritters and HK century egg were just perfect sides to go with the congee. Another recommended side was their fried Dace fish cakes that tasted awesome with tangy mini-oyster sauce.
Typical of a HK cafe, table setting was small and close but their friendly services topped up the pleasant experience with the delicious food.


What they served were fresh seafood plates, inspired by Claypots restaurant from Melbourne Australia.
This was their Full Circle Pot Arlington mussels, cooked beautifully in a delicious Mediterranean sauce. The mussels were as fresh and tasty as those we had in Australia. The sauce was done so flavourful we finished wiped it dry with the Turkish bread.
Flavours had to be their strength in bringing out the taste of the seafood dishes here. Paired with a drink from their bar, this would be a nice place to chill and dine after work in the CBD.

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Our search brought us back to the “little Thailand” Golden Mile Complex and we were so glad we did.
They had a comprehensive menu of Thai food and everything in it looked so yummy. We ordered the steamed sotong and were immediately sold when it came served in the traditional fish tray. Think hot and sour Thai broth but with tender sotong, this dish was just damn shiok.
The braised pork trotter with pickled vegetable was also very good in the Thai way. Tom Yum soup was on point with the right amount of kick. We were amazed at the large size of the fried prawn cakes. Non-oily with a crispy crust, the prawn cakes were so light and airy inside. Usually picky with fried prawn cakes but these were really good.
From Thai milk tea to Thai food and desserts, the flavours presented here were kinda different from what we have been used to locally; but absolutely outstanding in its Thai authenticity.

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I makan Sg

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