Featuring Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅 (KINEX), HaiDiLao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅 (313@Somerset), Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅 (Centrepoint), Danro Collagen Hotpot Buffet (Bugis Junction)
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It's supper time! Fav late-night steamboat place.

Service standard is dropping, not as attentive as early days.
Fav soups: Chicken / tomato, strong flavour
Today's spending: S$78.65 for 2 pax

Cineleisure branch: Danro hotpot seemed interesting due to the collagen soups they offer and the affordable prices for a buffet. Further confirmed by tons of raving reviews online. But it was underwhelming. Perhaps from their marketing, was expecting so much more. It's just a simple steamboat place, nothing special. To me it's not worth it. I rather pay a bit more for Beauty in the pot.

Rating: 6/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No

Pros: Place is neat, tidy and clean. Service staffs are nice and friendly! Meats were thinly sliced so pretty tender. Have many choices for soup, and can see the collagen they added in; but it wasn't creamy just normal broth. Fav dish: Squid

Cons: Pot was tiny. Had to ask them to keep adding soup, they will not take the initiative. High MSG content yet soup's tasted bland and diluted. Very limited variety & low quality stuff. The vibe and interior has zero "feel", not cosy or anything. This place is newly opened, but the interior feels old.

Price: S$63.30 for 2 pax

Centrepoint branch: Trying out new outlet. There are some slight differences between the 2 outlets. More selection of soups available here and increased menu offerings, but prices are higher. 20% off food items after 10:30pm; for OneKM it's after 10pm.
They are severely short-handed therefore service is not as good and there seems to be something "off" about their food and entire vibe of the place. I will only return to OneKM's branch.

Rating: 6.9/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No (Centrepoint outlet)

Pros: Comfortable, spacious, bright and clean new restaurant. Collagen soup still as milky and good!

Cons: Very slow service. They did not offer drinks upon seating and expected us to know what soup we want without presenting us the menu. Food quality is not as nice at OneKM, i'm not sure if it's due to busy CNY period that caused the drop in freshness and quality. Didn't enjoy myself at this outlet.

Price: S$70 on avg for 2pax

The legendary HaiDiLao! One of my fav supper places to go for lovely hotpot. But actually, as of now i'm starting to prefer Beauty in the pot due to higher quality food.

Rating: 8/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Tasty soups, good variety of dishes to choose from. Very fresh. Wonderful atmosphere!

Cons: Long waiting time. MSG laden. Mushroom soup i tried not nice. I feel that the service they were so well-known for is sliding and there were many lapses - went at midnight so it wasn't that busy.

Price: S$90-100+ on avg. 2pax for a hearty meal

One of my fav. places to go for a relaxing and nice hotpot supper with friends as they close late. The qn everyone's been asking, HaiDiLao or this?
Go to HaiDiLao for unbeatable service, more variety of dishes, soups, better vibe🌟
& BeautyInThePot for higher quality ingredients (but less variety), less MSG used, slightly cheaper🌟
Personally for me, HaiDiLao will be my preferred choice.

Rating: 8.8/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Love the shark cartilage collagen soup! It is very "creamy", not your usual soup base. Dishes are high quality stuff as well. Everything was very fresh 😃 Friendly and polite staffs.

Cons: Spicy soup (not pictured) wasn't fantastic. Must call to reserve otherwise be prepared to wait for hours. Understaffed therefore service is not seamless.

Price: S$20++ for collagen soup. Individual pricing for dishes. Avg. spending for 2-3 will be S$80-100+ for a hearty meal. 20% discount after 10pm!

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