Healthy(ish) Food

Healthy(ish) Food

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Jennifer Giovanni
Jennifer Giovanni

So this only comes in large size and yes the portion is quite massive that it’s good for sharing.
The acai blend is icier than what I usually have but I don’t really mind that.
Also the fruits used add some sourness to balance off the sweet acai.

Initially I wanted to try the Temple Food but unfortunately it’s not available so I settled with this vegan bibimbap instead.
Although it seems quite simple I enjoy every items. And that cherry tomatoes are seriously so good, the perfect balance between sweet and sour.
I’d love to try more if only it’s not on the steeper range of price.

I love anything coconut so I just have to try this one. It’s not too sweet and had a good balance. Generous portion as well. Although I always find this kind of cup makes it harder to scoop things at the bottom.
Limited seatings available.

Almost don’t want to share this because the place can be a really good hide-out, but good things must share right?

The salad is just something as simple as cherry tomato, mozzarella, and coriander drizzled with soy and mirin dressing, but I must say it’s quite satisfying. They might have limited food selections but I heard they’re pretty good.

The coffee beans used are roasted by themselves. I don’t like my coffee too sour and this one has just the perfect acidity.

When I visited on weekday, the place is really quite with just a few of people doing their works or readings. I did notice some patrons coming to take away their coffee as well.

When you come in they will serve you with a jug of water. Overall the service is really good as well (hopefully I’m not biased just because I know someone there 😅)

Insider tips: It get more busy on weekends with the brunch crowds.


Good service and ambiance. The portion is pretty big as well, but it’s not that special. Maybe I should have tried their Mac & Cheese but it was too early for me.


The "krab" plant-protein patty actually tastes quite like the real deal. Paired with the sweet and spicy sauce, fresh veggies, and soft bun, altogether it creates a nice combo. If you choose the meal you also get chiller and fries, but actually the burger itself is already filling for me. Too bad the outlet is so far or else I would like to visit more often.

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Love this combination of soba, shredded chicken, boiled egg, shredded omelette, and salad. So yummy and healthy! The portion is just nice to fill you up. Definitely would come back to try other options as well.

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llaoMango is back for a limited period of time, so go get it before they're gone! Make sure to check their Facebook page because it's only available at selected outlets.

Personally I like this better than the original one. The mango flavour is not too strong to the point that it tasted artificial. If you're not sure if you're going to like it, try the Petitllao first.

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Pretty colourful bun with generous filling. The filling is not too sweet and the bun is fluffy and soft. I would like to come back and try other flavours as well since most of them are already sold out when I went there.


For $6.50 you can get Froco (frozen coconut) with 3 toppings of your choice. It's refreshing and the texture is less creamy than ice cream. Definitely feel like a healthier option for dessert.

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