This is one dish you wouldn't wanna miss here. Drool is forming in my mouth as I type.. Lamb shank, served on the bone (suck up the marrow!), is cooked overnight till fork-tender. Served with fluffy, aromatic garlic naan, the perfect vehicle for lapping up the flavourful yoghurt curry.

Quail is not that common in Singapore, and if it appears at all, it's usually within the sphere of European cuisine. And yet you can enjoy this bird here at this Indian restaurant, non-traditional, but nonetheless. Slow-cooked till it was perfectly succulent, the whole bird is then served with a hard-boiled egg and covered in a creamy curry-like gravy.

This served as a foil for the aromatic saffron rice, called kashmiri pulao, to shine through. Bags of flavours in this one—fruitiness and nuttiness punctuated the fluffy grains thanks to plump raisins and chopped pistachios and almonds respectively.

Served on the bone, the chook was satisfyingly meaty and well-infused with the tangy-savoury yoghurt and spices marinade. Each order serves up two mid-sized bone-in chicken thighs, so you'd probably wanna order multiple portions for larger groups.


Looking all innocuous, but packed a punch with a lovely tingling heat and the aroma of curry leaves. The calamari rings were really tender, and were coated with a light, slightly sticky batter that got more addictive with each bite.


Didn't plan on ordering this, but did so anyway at the unexpected enthusiasm of the soft-spoken waitress. I found the truffle scent too subtle to make any impact, although some may prefer it this way. Still a pretty nice starter to have with the accompanying paneer mousse and pear chutney, the latter I found interesting as its melt-in-mouth texture felt like fine snow.


So simple but so good. The mustard and spices rub highlighted the sweetness of the cauliflower, also charred on the tandoori oven. Though it's a little on the pricey side when it works out to be $2 per mini floret.


Surely a crowd-pleasing number with its winning flavours—a flavourful, slightly spicy basil marinade coated the cod fillet, its crisp charred edges and tender flesh a sign of masterful execution on the tandoori oven. Delicious, but don't baulk at the diminutive portion, it's Indian tapas after all.


Posting this throwback after seeing (and loving) Jayne's awesome get-up at last night's Burpple Christmas Partaye. Yes, her human dosa even came complete with chutneys! Anyways, this Masala Dosa is the ultimate. And it is huuuuge; definitely substantial for one person. I'd underestimated that and ordered their eggplant rice as well. Had to pack the rice in the end ☺️

What set this dosa apart is its crispy texture, which wasn't paper-thin and had a nice bite to it. A buttery aroma (oh gleeful ghee) permeated the entire shell which housed soft spiced potato filling, turning the humble dosa into an indulgent, and very satisfying treat.


Simmered with a medley of spices and tender lamb chunks, the Lamb Biryani is big on flavours and not at all greasy. Although the basmati grains yielded a softer (though not mushy) consistency than I'd have liked, it was still highly aromatic and the sweet caramelised onions and mint sprigs gave it extra oomph.


Naan other spells comfort food than this - mopping up the delicious gravies with buttery, fluffy & slightly chewy flatbread.

Table's version of Butter Chicken seemed a tad mild at first, but as its layered, moreish flavours deepened, I found myself reaching for more and more, and more. Savoury palates might be more inclined towards the Curry Prawns, an umami blend of spices, sweet peppercorns, coriander, and a splash of lemon.

Though not exactly light on the pocket, Table by Rang Mahal still makes for a great choice for refined Indian fare enjoyed in a sleek & comfortable setting.


Unacquainted and uninitiated, I thought these holed puffs were some chic mod-Indian creation, until #BurppleTastemaker Jayne shared that this classic savoury snack (albeit a grimier version) can be found everywhere on the streets of Mumbai. She even taught us how to eat it correctly and deftly (I fumbled quite a bit).

Step 1: Fill the puri (semolina puffs) to the brim with pani (the scarily-green-but-highly-tasty chilled spice water).
Step 2: Add the mint & sweet tamarind chutneys to your liking.
Step 3: Pop it in and enjoy the burst of sweet, savoury, and spicy in your mouth. That cool, tingling sensation is a brilliant salve on a hot & humid day, and a delightful pick-me-up any other day.

Meal hosted by #TablebyRangMahal (@RangMahalRestaurants). Thank you for the warm hospitality!


He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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