Super fresh and beautifully steamed fish! They’ve thoughtfully sliced and carved it to make the flesh extra easy to eat.


Hard to go wrong with fresh clams steamed with Chinese wine and ginger! The briny juices from the clam that has pooled at the bottom is so slurp-worthy β€” a pity there’s no rice to spoon it over!


A slab of tuna prepared a la tataki on a bed of zippily dressed arugula salad and spicy salsa. Yum yum!


Hard to go wrong with fresh Atlantic oysters showered with a squeeze of lemon juice. They have oysters from Arcachon Bay (from $18 for 3) too, as well as a baked option with sabayon (from $19 for 3).


With all the dainty plating and tweezer attention to detail of the previous dishes, our jaws dropped when this massive mound arrived on our table. While I'm glad that you can definitely see the whole crab that went into this dish, I wouldn't recommend getting this for a date night as you'll definitely need to get your hands dirty (tbh, we were expecting picked meat considering the setting).

Taste wise, imagine black pepper crab with al dente spaghetti slicked in the same sauce. Note that the default level of spice is quite fiery, so if you're wimpy (like me), do try to request for less red chillies.

While this was flavoursome, we probably should have opted for one of the steaks (even though this came highly recommended), on hindsight.


Flaky fish fillet on a bed tofu butter with Shaoxing fumet, pickled celtuce and charred kailan. Delicate flavours all around but injected with just the right amount of richness like the butter in the tofu purΓ©e and the evaporated milk and (more) butter in the Shaoxing emulsion to round it up.


Salt-baked trout deboned table side. I love this cooking process as it retains moisture and delicate flavours excellently, and this was no exception. The slight acidity from the tomatillo verde complemented the sweetness of the fresh fish well.


This is the reason we came here for. The bee hoon comes slicked in a thick crustacean-y, umami and wok hei-packed gravy that was unfortunately just toooo salty. The crabs were cooked just right thankfully, but again, this "recommended" portion was way too much and we couldn't finish it.

It was hard not to feel a little "cheated" when we left. Needless to say, our dining experience here wasn't great. I'm glad I got to try the (in)famous crab bee hoon, but I'm certain I won't visit again (I find it hard to recommend this too).


Think we're too used to sambal stingray that when the fish is sauced up in something lighter, it simply underwhelms.
That bok choy on the other hand – really a must-order! Veggie cooking super on point plus a nice umami touch with the caper crumbs.


Wanted to try one of the grilled fish options but wasn't particularly impressed. Perhaps we were expecting more from this as the flavour bar has been raised really high by the first three items we tried.


Was expecting one big squid, but two small ones arrived instead. A more substantial portion would have been ideal, but thankfully the squid was masterfully grilled. It didn't really need the squeeze of lemon juice, but the overly salty arugula salad definitely needed the acidity.


Plump and juicy Aussie mussels cooked just right served on a puddle of intense and finger lickin'-worthy garlic sauce. So glad we ordered extra Turkish bread (for the dips) and had some left to sop up all that concentrated briny goodness!


Loves long and romantic walks to the fridge

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