KBBQ/Yakiniku & Grilled

KBBQ/Yakiniku & Grilled

Featuring Super Star K Korean BBQ Restaurant (Tanjong Pagar), Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant, Gyu-Kaku (UE Square), Arashi Yakiniku, BBQ Box (Beauty World)
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Casual bbq place where they serve skewers of food, and a candle lit grill to warm your food while you feast! Opens till 12mn - 2am depending on which outlet you visit, good supper spot! 🌙

Tried the following this visit:
Grilled Potato Chips
Grilled Romaine Lettuce
Grilled Fresh Sleeve Fish (Sotong)
Grilled Fresh Prawn
Grilled Pleurotus Eryngii (鲍菇)
Grilled Bread
Grilled Pork/Chicken Sausage
Grilled Pork
Orleans Chicken Wings

Noodles with Soybean Paste

Bubble Milk Tea

Items that really took the limelight were the Grill Sausage and Orleans Chicken Wings because its marination hits the spot, Grilled Fresh Sleeve Fish (Sotong) for its softness not chewiness and surprise surprise their Bubble Milk Tea for the balance between their tea taste, sweetness and pearls texture!

The set includes side dishes, Bibimbap & dessert. My first time trying bibimbap and man its actually quite yummy w the rice being a little charred.
Meat itself were really juicy & soft, meat/beef lovers would approve of it.
Different types of mushrooms were in the set too & they were really soft, buttery, and sauces were being absorbed! Even the ones that I usually avoid tastes so appealing.
Overall there was nothing that isn't good.


Ordered Set C (consists of two pork & two beef, $70) tasted fantastic! And also their pork slices ($22) which we ordered as ala carte was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, creating a chewy & gratifying experience.
Service was good, the staffs were polite. They also had their sides which stood out on their own.
The bill came up to $35 per person as everything was shared among 3 which I think was pretty affordable. Also, this place opens till real late, when I dined here it was already 3.30am.

First off, the service at Superstar K was rather disappointing which affected my eating experience.
The sides that stood out (comes w every meal/set) amongst all were the mashed potato & steamed egg.
Bill came up to $74+ for two, we only ordered Spicy chicken, Pork slices, Kimchi soup & Ramyuen. The spicy chicken is a must try!


Buffet items includes: Japanese and Australian Wagyu, Kurobuta, Chicken, Rice/Soup, Sashimi, Seafood and Vegetables. Items are free flow except for Rosu and Sirloin which you can only have 1 serving of it. You tick the items you want and the staffs will present it to you on individual plating. Everything is really fresh here and the meat offered are of quality, tender and juicy. Patrons have the option of alfresco dining or to be seated in the air conditioned restaurant. Environment is clean and cosy.


For the love of Food, eating is an experience 🕊 Follow me on my food instagram for more snippets!

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