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Elyssa Tay
Elyssa Tay

If you’re a fan of truffle, call in and check with them if this is available. For real.

Off menu order:
Truffle Mash - made with Truffle Butter (which you can buy from their home brand - The Unusual Butter) and fresh truffles. 🤤✨

Photo: @vijourcollectives

What stood out to me more was the lavender coffee. I personally love the smell so when I saw this on the menu I just had to. The initial only had really mild hints of the lavender but I would say leave it to sit for awhile before drinking to really enjoy it.

Char Siew was thick and nicely done. Would say it’s a little on the fattier side but I think that’s perfectly fine. Although overall as a rice bowl, it might be a little dry.

Overall would say that it’s a nice place to get a drink, chill or get stuff done (off peak hours).

We may have just over ordered..

I’ve always preferred the herbal bkt but this peppery one was a pleasant surprise and one that I still really enjoyed. My biggest surprise have to say was really how generous their portions were!

My personal fav out of all these - the pig trotters. It was really tender with good proportion of lean meat and fats, very flavourful in every bite. Please do yourself a favour and add that into your order.

Plates by base piece

Linguine with really plump and fresh tiger prawns and Japanese scallop in prawn bisque sauce.

Was initially afraid that the taste would be too overwhelming but that concern was unfounded. The bisque sauce wasn’t too thick so you can comfortably finish the entire main dish by yourself which was 👌🏼

I might not be the best gauge cause I’m not a huge fan of udon but somehow there’s a soft spot for the dried ones.
For $13++, portion and taste was considerably reasonable in my opinion. Wouldn’t mind going for this or something similar again.

Taste and consistency of the laksa sauce was not bad though I hoped that the soft shell crab could be slightly less oily and meatier.

Featuring that day’s special and mine included some salmon, tuna, ikura, uni, ebi, tamago and salad on the side.

Personally love the variety provided and for $16.50 and in town, would say it’s a good option. Ingredients are fresh and this comes with miso soup as well.

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We opted for the Chili Crab and Salted Egg ($13.90) just because we were greedy and wanted two to choose from instead.

Batter was crispy enough and the sauce was actually pretty on point. The salted egg was “gao” enough compared to quite a lot of other place so I’m satisfied. The fries were quite nice too.

Will consider ordering this again tho probably to share cause 2 fishes of 1 flavour (cheaper too btw) feels like it’ll be abit much.

I’ve not seen many dry ramen around Singapore so coming across an entire store dedicated to it was pretty exciting to me.

Tried for myself the mazesoba with braised pork ($14.80) and I loved how the noodles absorbed the sauce so well - yup the 20s mix rule they have is legit.

The meat was mostly perfectly done (only 1 piece could have been a little more tender but that’s not sth to pick on considering the whole). Would love to try the one with all toppings in future and oh would recommend adding the Chili oil and vinegar as I personally felt that the taste was even more so amplified 👌🏼

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Went for the pulled pork rice bowl ($7.90) the other day.
Pulled pork was flavourful but overall still slightly dry in my opinion thankfully saved by the gochujang sauce. Open to trying it again hoping that the outcome will be different if I consumed it not too Long after purchase (:

Here’s featuring the garlic fried rice as well as the original pork gyoza.

Original Pork Gyoza - I felt that for the price paid, I don’t think it’s all that worth it. Have tasted better but love the sauce that goes really well with it

Garlic Fried Rice - could do more garlic but still quite 香 ☺️

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Personally felt that this was better than the normal gyoza.

A good little twist that would remind you just like takoyaki but may be abit much for 1 person but would definitely be great for sharing.

Tried this at plaza sing outlet

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Documentation of my greedy hunt for food and daily coffee thats worth my calories 📷: @sometenggood

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