There something so chewy about their pancake, that I absolutely love. "Bready" and dense, this sweet-nothing topped off with berries and a scoop of frozen yogurt hit every point of yummilious. Definitely a plate to share, after having their mains. The hot and cold combo, dance in delight while the sourish berries compote balance well with the sweetness from yoghurt. Definitely great for an afternoon tea!

Dessert with the mostest. Honestly it looked like a tall fluffy chiffon cake, understated and carelessly plated, but when in fact, it's the yummiest and most dense orange ice cream ever. It's like having an whole orange, only creamier. Definitely a wow dish for me, to end a splendid dinner.


Sticky toffee pudding, with bourbon vanilla ice cream. Dark, balanced and incredible. The bourbon ice cream, slightly bitter and rich, paired well with the sweet toffee pudding.


This chendol ice cream soft serve, is extremely soft, and so comforting. Dusted with coconut shreds and coated with Gula Melaka, this chendol ice cream, screams power!


Late night desserts got me like… Chocolate lava cake is definitely a no brainer, when you have a hard choosing. I chose to pair with a scoop of coconut ice cream, in which is pale in comparison with the Italian coconut ice cream I gush about at Cibo Italian. Overall, I would just give it an "meh" rating.


On any given hot day, you just got to have a husk of milky good coconut ice cream. So simple yet so heavy on the coconut milk, topped with grated coconut flesh, this definitely keeps you cool, any time any day.
PS: if you can't get enough of it, you are able to do a takeaway, since it's already individually packed in husks and ready to go.


A few days back, we had a pretty disappointing deconstructed tiramisu at 2am Dessert Bar.
But I am so Glad that I returned to Cibo Italiano for a proper tiramisu, bursting with the correct balance of coffee bitter and sweet mascarpone. Dusted with intense cocoa powder and chocolate shavings, I couldn't have it any other way. So unassuming, and packed with such intensity. And at half of the price at 2am Dessert Bar, worth every calories and pennies.
I supposed you just have to try the locals making the real deal now.


This is the real deal. Authentic Portuguese Egg Tart ($4.50). Don't mind the price, since you are paying for a well beaten egg custard, that is running and super fluffy. The smell of freshly baked tart, dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon powder, is enough to make you water. But wait for the lava of egg custard when you cut open the Super flaky pastry, and you will know what I mean by bliss.
The owner gave me a smug smile when I squealed in happiness, "Nothing like the Macau Portuguese Egg Tart eh", he said.


Can't fault this. Simple, and wonderful. Warm sticky rice drown in fresh coconut milk, and sweet Thai mangoes on the side. Presentation on point, taste is standard, great for any spicy dish that you had before.


[Newly Opened]
Husk is a brand new frozen joint that can rival llaollao in terms of taste and freshness. If you love Thailand's coconut ice-cream, you will definitely love the subtle and distinct taste of this frozen coconut. Absolutely beautiful, and a work of art. HUSK uses fresh young Thai coconut to make that perfect swirl. If you are into it, and have then almost every week, you will definitely taste the slight difference in every froco (frozen coconut). As they uses only the freshest that is brought in weekly.
Great for the crazy Singapore weather, or a snack after your gym, or anytime you feel like it. Just cause this is so darn yummy.


This is dessert is so sweet, that you probably get a tooth decay! The condense milk drizzled all over making this a happy meal, and that thick toast is so crispy that you literally hear the crunch, but no worries, it's buttery and soft on the inside. The cold ice cream is a nice contrast to the hot toast. Overall, it's a good dessert, not great but enough.


For your daily durian quick-fix. The durian mousse, is smooth and utterly buttery in texture, the durian can be tasted throughout, and that single scoop of durian flesh sealed it all. Not for the faint-hearted, the dessert place is filled lovingly with smell of the "smelly fruit". Heaven for some, a torture for others. Personally I really like the durian with glutinous rice. The black natural glutinous rice sweetness, tamed the otherwise overwhelming "jialat" durian mousse, which can be a little too much on its own.


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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