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Featuring 7-Eleven Singapore, Shine Korea Supermarket (Far East Plaza)
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Best representation of how the ingredients and spice will be looking like upon cooking.

Ingredients consists of Vermicelli, Fishball with Roe, Fishballs, Vegetarian Mushrooms. A big packet of chili and coriander. Optional to skip the coriander step which might be overwhelming for some, and it presents another different taste all by itself.

Comfort food especially on rainy days when I just want to have something which is soupy. It isn’t too filling and portion is considered quite small so its good to have it at home when you want to have a bite anytime.

Fishball lovers must have! These little tear drop shaped wonders amazes me with their taste every single time I have it. I love having it with steamboat, its just plain genius!


Top shell dipped in lime, chopped garlic and chili padi makes a perfect snack to munch on at home. The texture resembles that of an abalone, with pangs of spiciness from the chili padi makes it simply mouthwatering.


These ready to eat eggs tastes just right, and yummy even though its cold. I am impressed by the quality of it.


In this current frenzy for this Tom Yum CP Wanton ever since I discovered its existence. The soup base is so on point, commendable for an instant food. Every bowl of this consists of five wantons, its a quick alternative when you are hungry especially at unearthly hours. I've got mine from 7-11's so far, do look out for it!


Very gamy full of meaty tones in the delicious broth. The broth is enriched further by the robust taste of onions in it. One of the most hearty broth any instant noodles ever produce. Currently I've not seen it in local supermarkets, costs $2.60 for a cup noodle and $11.65 for a pack of four.


Its really fragrant and opens up your appetite just by a whiff of it . Usually I have it w dried scallops and egg to complement it ! Garlic lovers should really try this

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The soup is awesome ~ makes up of chilli oil and dark sauce . You don't have to add any other ingredients cause the flavor is heavy on its own and any other ingredients will affect the taste

Its a staple maggie in my home and from young my momma would cook it for me , also the reason why I will gravitate towards this . Just an egg w this would make a simple meal if you don't want anything too flavorful . This flavor is light yet yummy ~

For the love of Food, eating is an experience 🕊 Follow me on my food instagram for more snippets!

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