Crabmeat Pasta

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Crabmeat pasta (tomato) $25
- My favourite! So good and worth the price with burpple.
- Generous serving
- Good amount of crabmeat
- Loved the sweetness from the tomato sauce

Truffle konbu fries $15
- Generous serving, but then again it's $15
- Yummy thin fries with delicious savory dipping sauce

Braised beef cheeks $25
- Super soft, tastes good but was not our favourite dish of the night
- Served on top of mash potatoes

Overall: Great food, would come again for the pasta 👍

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Some good cafe near Serangoon! The crabmeat pasta (white wine sauce) and the seafood risotto was so good!!!! I mean its really worth it with the burpple 1 for 1 deal!!!! Truffle fries was okay, the truffle mayo isn't very strong (taste more like mayo) but the fries were really crispy! and the avococo drink was very creamy too (in a good way)! Would be good to make reservations in advance cos it gets pretty crowded!

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Pastas were not very memorable
Mushroom risotto, Vongole & Crabmeat pasta (Red)
Also ordered the sticky date pudding
5/10 overall

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𝐂𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐞 ($26) - Best described as a crab version of a Vongole. Enjoyed the aromatic sauce with subtle seafood aroma fragranced with white wine and generously sautéed garlic.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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Have heard a lot of good reviews for this place and finally gave it a try! What’s on the table:

• Mushroom Soup
• Wagyu Beef Sausage
• Crabmeat pasta (in white wine sauce)
• Crème Brulêe (not pictured)
• Iced white (not pictured)

Total bill: $63.67 🤯

Consistency for the Mushroom Soup is a little watery but it definitely did taste very earthy and it came accompanied with two crispy toasted slices of buttered baguette. The caramelised onions atop the beef patty were really good and complemented the medium rare beef patty well! The salad on the side was a bit too raw and bitter though. My boyfriend did not fancy the homemade sausage all that much but if you’re into peppery/herb-spiced sausages this would be up your alley. Crabmeat pasta was yummy but honestly not as amazing as I thought that it would be. Did not top up for their housemade tagliatelle (+$3) as the prices are pretty steep even with the BB deal… service charge is still included for the main that was not charged under the 1-for-1 BB deal.

The crème brulêe ($10) was really good though, not too small and comes with fresh cut strawberries and blueberries! 10/10 would order it again. Do be prepared to rack up quite a bill even with BB deal applied if you’re going to order side(s) in addition to your mains. Would come back again but probably only stick with ordering the mains applicable under the BB deal and that’s it. 🥲

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Delightful and flavourful. Generous amount of crabmeat too. Definitely will order again.

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The crabmeat pasta in white wine sauce was interesting but it didn’t taste like $25. Their handmade pasta was however light and good (would totally suggest to top up to get their handmade pasta!!)
As a beef lover, the beef short rib pasta did not stand out to me. I’m glad I used the 1 for 1 deal for it. 😂 the pork ribs that we spontaneously decided to get at the end turned out to be the best!!!

Would recommend making reservations if anyone wants to try this!! (Wouldn’t queue an hour for this tbh 😅)

second time visiting, but would recommend the food that i ordered on the first time. the crabmeat pasta in white wine sauce is our pick (though it’s not available for 1-for-1). we also got the short rib pasta which is not bad! on the second visit, we got prawn aglio olio and vongole, both tasted alright but did not taste like what it is supposed to taste like. the serving for the vongole is very generous with a lot of pasta.

Truffle fries: star of the show imo, was really good, adequately fragrant and crispy but a little too pricy at 15buxs.

Crabmeat pasta: nice generous servings of crab and was pretty good with linguini

Beef cubes pasta: the beef was really tender however pasta sauce taste a lil bit too meaty. Will recommend if you're a fan of the meaty kind of sauce

Vongole pasta: really tasty with generous servings of clams. Sauce was unique and grows on you. Worth it if using the 1 for 1 with the beef cubes pasta.

Overall a pretty good meal with nice ambience suitable for friends/family.