Roasted Black Grouper

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Loved the dish. Fish was tender and fresh, skin was crispy. The sides and sauce were extremely tasty as well

One thing I knew I had to order was the Roasted Black Grouper w Vichyssoise ($28) What’s not to love about the combination; shimeji mushrooms, potato based soup, dehydrated mussels, dill infused oil and garam masala?! It sounds like a lot of experiments was done to come to this combination. And oohh I love it when all the components have been mixed, it bring out tons of flavour to the dish. The grouper however was a tad letdown with it being too firm :/ Good dish nonetheless!

Roasted Black Grouper ($28++) skin was crisp with a flavourful sauce. We like strong tasting food so mixing in the garam masala spice in really hits the mark! Full of unami and the pickled shimeji adds a tad of sourness. Canto Grouper ($26++) had an sweet broth reminiscent of those wedding dinner soup, but elevated. A must try! They use sake here instead of the typical Chinese wine. Sweet potato noodles - springy for that mouth feel. If we had to be really picky, the dish could use some chilli or stronger alc for an added kick .

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The fish is fresh.

The sauce is great

The fish skin was crisp.

Serving is kinda small thou.

The staff here are ultra friendly

Ambience is quiet and feels like u are eating at a friend's place.

Beyond 1for1. Worth a try.

Our first time here after hearing all the rave reviews and it still managed to surpass our expectations. We had the mussels, curry and mantou for our starter ($16) - the mussels were really tender, large and fresh and the mantou was to die for - perfectly crispy outside and soft within. The curry was really nicely flavoured, with just enough spiciness to it. For mains, we had the roasted black grouper and the Cantonese-style black grouper and both were really good. For the Cantonese-style grouper dish, we especially enjoyed the light fragrant Cantonese sauce and the very springy glass noodles. For the roasted black grouper, the skin was crispy and the meat was really soft, and the sauce was to die for. The ambience is really cozy, reminding us of someone’s living room space. Service was superb as well, explaining all the dishes to us and attending to all our needs promptly. What a lovely place. 🥂

Roasted Black Grouper ($28+): Mussel Vichyssoise, Picked Shimeji mushrooms & Garam Masala
✅ Black Grouper was roasted nicely. Skin is crispy.
✅ Sauce is flavourful (umami) and goes well with the grouper- sweetness from the cream sauce + sourness (pickled mushrooms) + smokiness (grouper’s skin)
✅ 1–for-1 Mains if you use Burpple Beyond!

All the dishes were on point and the service was fantastic. Glad that we came in a group so that we could try a wide variety:
1) Hand-caught mussels in homemade curry. Definitely have to order an extra serving of those crispy and fluffy mantou. (S$16+)
2) Fried crispy squid. Springy fresh and #yums (S$12+)
3) Smoky roasted prawns with nori cilantro butter and housemade shio kelp. #takemymoney (S$16+)
4) Black grouper in Cantonese style broth. (S$26+)
5) Roasted black grouper in creamy mussel vichyssoise with pickled shimeji. Love the pairing. (S$28+)
6) Seabass with an #umami nori tagliatelle, enoki and pickled radish. (S$20+)
7) Pan seared seabass with roasted pepper puree and pickled mussels. (S$22+) Enjoy #burpple 1-for-1 for pasta and big plates. #happybelly #willbeback

Mussel Vichyssoise, Pickled Shimeji, Garam Masala

Located at one of Singapore’s most vibrant areas, Haji Lane, @scaledbyahhuakelong is a farm-to-table concept restaurant that focuses on getting fresh seafood directly from their own local fish farm kelongs. Sharing the cosy space with @barstoriessg, you can also enjoy the food with cocktails that are specially crafted based on your preferences.

Well-executed by the chef, the fish steak had a brown crispy skin and soft, flaky meat. Soaked in an unique mussel sauce/soup, I was totally blown away by the explosion of flavours in my mouth. Absolutely no regrets ordering the most expensive dish on their menu 😋!

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


$28 before 1-for-1

Mussels vichyssoise, pickled Shimeiji and Garam masala

Hands down my fav dish for the night. My dad’s too. Loved the sauce and how the masala added dimension to it. Fish was seared just right too. They do their fish and seafood really really well! This is my must order too!

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