SG eats 🇸🇬

SG eats 🇸🇬

Featuring Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, SBCD Korean Tofu House (Guoco Tower), Burger & Lobster (Raffles Singapore), Fosters Steakhouse, Noka (Funan), Suparakki Ramen (Northpoint City), Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, Yhingthai Palace Restaurant, Swensen's (Junction 8), Riverside Indonesian BBQ
Grace C
Grace C

This poke jar created by @nhvillage comes with layers of sushi rice, soba, lots of veggies (corn, carrots, cucumber, edamame, tomatoes), tamago and salmon sashimi tossed in mayo siracha sauce, garnished with nori, tobiko and wakame. Love how colourful and vibrant the jar is, made with wholesome ingredients! 🌈 The sashimi was SUPER fresh, even my dad commented that it’s restaurant quality 👍🏻 The wasabi provided at the side packed a punch too, super satisfying for wasabi lovers like me 😛

The dinner set comes with an appetiser (portobello salad), a main (pictured), a dessert (vanilla ice cream with peach) and a drink (iced lemon tea)
Was really impressed by the main which consisted of seared cod fish, cray fish and scallops, all on a bed of mashed potatoes and assorted veggies. The seafood was really fresh and cooked well!

The barramundi was seared nicely with a crispy skin, served on top of curry sauce which could be spicier imo. It comes with green tea soba too, which was seasoned really well, tasty and refreshing

This combo is Super worth and def sufficient for 5 pax!! 1.5lbs of lobster+4 mains+4 sides+4 drinks for $165
For lobster we opted for half and half, which means half grilled half steamed. Lobster was really fresh and cooked nicely
For 4 mains we ordered all original lobster rolls since it’s the most worth. Really loved how the fluffy buttery brioche roll was generously stuffed with lobster chunks that are tossed in mayo. Garlic butter sauce provided at the side was super yums too!
For the sides we ordered truffle fries, sweet ppt fries, sautéed spinach and mushrooms. All are yums but the truffle fries rlly stood out as it was super strong!
All in all was a really good meal that left 5 of us Super full haha

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Really loved the stuffed chicken wings paired with sweet chilli sauce, the olive fried rice was v yummy as well. Green curry chicken was tender and flavourful. Dry curry beef was really tasty. Otah came slightly cold but nice nonetheless. Overall really tasty Thai food tho price is rather steep :/

Loved the combi of runny egg yolk with creamy avocado and cheese fillings, which filled the entire crepe 🤤 not to mention how beautiful this looked 😍

Treat for the fam during CB 🤩 nice unagi but def tasted better dine in (& you get to grate wasabi on your own which was fun)
But can’t ask for too much during this time

Not bad, both were a little too sweet for me but my tolerance for sugar is really Low so

Edible Garden City golden mushrooms & kale, fresh wasabi dressing. This salad tasted sooo good! Refreshing and flavourful

The sashimi were really fresh and all the sushi tasted really good! Not to mention that the plate was absolutely beautiful 😍😍😍

VERY DELICIOUS! Seafood was fresh and the tofu was extremely silky. The broth wow it’s amazing I finished every single drop. You can customise the spiciness level for the broth! The rice was served in hot stone so it’s kept warm throughout. The set comes with a whole fried fish too

The burger was very mediocre, and didn’t like the sweet potato fries-found it too hard

Grace C

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