Pork Knuckle

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Paulaner oktoberfestpfandl @ $41 for one person portion

Consists of quarter duck, quarter pork knuckle, 2pc chicken schnitzel, 2 nurnberger sausages, suaerkraut, bread and potato dumplings.
Which is a lot and enough for two.

Our personal favourites are the duck and the pork knuckle which both go well with the oktoberfest sauce which we have no idea what it's made of. Both are flavourful and the meat texture is soft and good.

The chicken schnitzel tasted quite well though it's a bit dry. So it's good that they cut up into two small pieces for sharing.

The sausage was also good and juicy and tasty. But it's only one small one for each of us (but then again this is meant for one person's portion).

The potato and bread dumplings have got a bit of an unusual texture so it might not be for everyone.

The sauerkraut was done well and helps to cleanse the palette in between the meats.

Overall a great dish but recommend for sharing between 2pax!

Went here some time back for the 1 for 1 burpple deal. Never tried German food before so why not? The interior is beautiful with three storeys; first being a drinking area, second the main dining area and third the brewery. We sat on the second floor and felt like we were on a ship. I can’t remember much about the food but I’m defiantly not cut out for German food😅 their food is definitely on the salty side and the pork knuckle despite it being huge and crunch which I appreciate, just taste too porky. The sauce that came with it was pretty bitter and overwhelming i disliked it. The sauerkraut is too much for me but hey i finally tried it.

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It's hard to find good German food & beer in Singapore City area.. Glad to have try

Ambience was amazing with three levels of sitting and decorated in a German fashion. We ordered two schnitzels: pork and chicken a sirloin steak and their specialty: PORK KNUCKLE. Steak portion is small :( We don’t drink and it’s a pity as I think they do brew some legit alcohol.


With everything ranging from writing to reading to exercising to even perhaps the mighty act of waking up becoming a chore as of late, there is no doubt that even the narcissistic demi-god of unparalleled genius in the art of food reviews (@thintbites) requires a kick to bring his dismantled soul together as one again. The aforementioned kick can be labelled simply as food, or rather the prospect of novelty in the food culture of this island. Enter Paulaner Bräuhaus, a namesake restaurant boasting a spacious interior that was indeed reminiscent of a grand tavern in the heart of the land of automobiles.
Hailing as Singapore’s only German microbrewery and restaurant, Paulaner Bräuhaus was a first for me. Indeed, the Bavarian hospitality that was promised came through in their food and atmosphere. The table started with some finger food of sorts through their Paulaner Trio “Light” ($13.90++), with lightly pungent sticks of Emmental cheese, a Bavarian cheese spread (“Obazda”) and another herbaceous cream cheese spread.
It is worth noting that their mains are substantial, and I mean REALLY filling. As such, our group simply ordered two main dishes which I’m proud to say sated our hunger rather well. Their Roasted Whole Pork Knuckle ($31.90++) was a chunk of pure carnivorous desire with a crackling exterior and tender pull-apart meat that turned every forkful into pure greasy bliss. We also went for their Original Veal Schnitzel ($29.90++), a thin veal escalope served with sautéed baby potatoes and a wonderfully complimentary cranberry dip that proved well for the entire meal.
If you’re looking for a place with hearty, rich and bold German cuisine in the concrete jungle surrounding the Fountain of Wealth, look no further than Paulaner Bräuhaus. On a totally different note, this picture further exemplifies the point that Samsung cameras are arguably better at taking pictures of food than Apple.

A main course like this Roasted Whole Pork Knuckle (S$31.90) would be seemingly too large a portion for dinner, but it was worth every cent of it if you were a roasted pork knuckle person like me.

The chef would be more than happy to help you debone the roast for easier consumption, but despite having quite a fine balance of crispiness and tenderness, be prepared to send your jaws for an extensive exercise if you would choose this.

But the goodness did not stop at the meat. Along with the dish also came a generous portion of Sauerkraut, and that really helped to cleanse away the greasiness a fair bit while at the same time also tasted great (one of the best Sauerkrauts I had taken so far). The “ball” that accompanied the dish was a Bavarian bread dumpling, which was also delicious because of its buttery richness, but I came to realisation in the middle of the meal that if I were to empty the plate all by myself, I would probably have a digestion problem.

So the best way to enjoy this meal without fearing of overeating, would probably be to share it with two or more people, so that the other dining buddies would order something “lighter” for everyone to potluck: a food strategy best executed with Burpple Beyond in hand.


This came with an assortment of meats. Pork knuckle, duck, roast chicken, sausages and stuffings. Gravy on the side too!

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@weiteck.ong Thank you for choosing this dinner place and for signing up for Burpple Beyond, I just wish we didn't chose that salmon but something else instead. For real. .
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Good german food with generous portion. Skin for the pork knuckles were very crispy, even better than some that i had in Germany. Beer was good, made even better during happy hour 1-1. Staff were very friendly as well. Overall a very good experience!

I’m not a fan of beer but good German beer is an exception. I used to only like Weissbier (0.5L for $16.80++) because of the fruity taste, easy to drink and very smooth texture. As I grow older, I learn to appreciate the rich and malty taste of the dark lager, Dunkel (0.5L for $16.60++). If you can’t decide which beer to choose, you can order the beer flight that consists of 3 different beers x 0.1L for $13++. German beer and Pork Knuckles is a perfect match.