Western Food

Western Food

Featuring Fuel Plus+, Meat N' Chill, Mad For Garlic, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Ice Edge Cafe, Chapter 55, Hambaobao, Morganfield's (Suntec City)
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Top left: sambal scramble sourdough @ $18+
Bottom left: fowl play jaffle @ $13.50+
Right: truffle fries @ $10+ & iced chocolate @ $7+ & mocha @ $6+

Came on Friday around noon and it's not very packed and managed to get a quiet corner. There arent that many items on the menu that offers meat in the dish so we decided quite quickly.

The jaffle was brioche pressed in cast iron and the bread was very very nice. It's tasty and the texture was perfect. It's so good that it makes up for the lack of taste in the fillings.

The sambal scramble sourdough looked good but was quite disappointing. There wasnt enough sambal taste and the blend with scramble was a bit strange. And the sourdough felt like it didn't play a part in the dish.

The fries and drinks were okay.

It's not bad but nothing fantastic either. Good ambience though.

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Cuban sandwich @ $16

The food seems pretty average after reading all the good reviews, expectations might have been a bit too high. Got this cuban sandwich that has got a plus sign next to it on the menu, it's alright just that it doesn't really feel very "cuban" enough, think maybe not enough cheese or something.

Got a bunch of other stuff -
Fuel me up @ $19
Chicky egg waffle @ $17
Bacon & spinach mac & cheese @ $17
Nacho pulled pork @ $12

They are all not bad though nothing quite spectacular. Good thing is that the prices are nett, and we got $30 using burpple beyond app. Might be back to try their pastas and mains which look good from the photos of other reviews.

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Top: Journey to the Yeast @ $27.50++
+ cajun rice & truffle fries (+ $3++)

Bottom: Jalapeño mustard ribs @ $26.50++
+ chilli cheese fries (+ $3++) & green salad

The ribs are great, soft and fall off the bone kind which we really like. And makes it easy to eat too. Journey in the yeast is made with Guinness stout, marmite n' molasses glazed, so it's on the sweet side while the Jalapeño mustard one is a little bit on the tangy, spicy side. So it's a good balance of taste there when we share.

As for the sides, the cajun rice is quite bland and one dimensional in taste. The green salad has got vinegar dressing so it's also another good balance to the taste of the ribs. Both fries are great in taste and we like the texture too (a bit soggy but there's still some crisp on the outside).

We also got a one pint beer at $16++ (it's a german beer, not many selection here) and coke float @ $5.50++.

Good experience and likely to come back to try other flavours of ribs (there's many!) and maybe the steak too!

Left top: chicken wellington @ $23.90
Left bottom: beef chilli con salsa nachos @ $14.90
Right: homemade ginger beer & homemade lemon lime @ $5 each

Used burpple beyond 1 for 1 main + drink, paid $28.90+10% svc charge

We loved the nachos, agreed that it's one of the best that we had. Might be better with some cheese but is already awesome without. The sauce is really just great with the nachos and i even like the soggy ones.

The chicken wellington is not bad but the bacon made it a bit too salty. Good with the jam and also have the veggies in between bites.

The drinks are quite normal, but good and refreshing in this hot weather.

Super quiet on a weekday during lunch time so it's rly chill and great atmosphere for us.

Will be back to try their pastas and gelatos next time.

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(Left) Pizza seafood mentaiko
(Centre top) Fatty fries
(Centre bottom) Buffalo wings
(Right) Pizza wild mushroom

Ordered from grabfood.

Been wanting to try this as we have seen some good reviews and the price is very reasonable. A little disappointed with the quality of food but it could be cuz of pricing or cuz it was delivered.

The pizza seafood mentaiko had a fishy taste and smell to it so the ingredients might not be super fresh, which is not great for seafood. The mentaiko was also not evenly spread so there's slices that got almost no mentaiko taste at all and other slices that's a little bit too much.

The pizza wild mushroom also had its ingredients unevenly spread as there was a slice that was super heavy on the cameralised ingredients. The taste of the pizza was a bit milder in general so it helps to balance the heaviness for the other stuff.

The sides might be better eaten at the shop itself when served fresh and hot. The buffalo wings were unfortunately not spicy at all. Nothing much to comment abt the fries, but would like to try it in-store one day to see if it'll be any better.

Unlikely to otder from here again but might try in-store one day.

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Wagyu cheeseburger @ $21.40
Comes with curly fries

A lot of areas that we think can be improved on. Firstly, it's served in this plate that fits the burger exactly. If anybody has had a burger before will know how everything falls all over the places so it's rather difficult to eat this with the super confined space of the small plate.

Secondly, they say it's wagyu beef but cuz it's been made into a patty, it's rather difficult to tell if it's really wagyu and to be honest it doesn't feel very much so.

Thirdly, as can be seen in the photo the cheese is overflowing on one side. Not sure if it's done on purpose but I really do wish the cheese has been more evenly spread around the burger because there's some parts that's just nice, some parts that's quite bland and some parts that's just super salty. I love my cheese but this cheese just doesnt taste good somehow.

Seems like the curly fries is the thing with the least complaints that we have here.

Though we must say the pastas that we saw at other tables do look not bad.

And prices are nett.

Chorizo and squid risotto @ $23.50

The risotto is made with brown rice so there's a different texture to it compared to the usual risotto. There's a good amount of fried squid and chorizo in the dish but the taste is really quite just average.

Most items on the menu feel rather overpriced even for cafe food and the quality is not sufficient to justify for it.
Though prices are nett.

Top left clockwise:
Smoked duck pizza @ $20++
Calamri @ $10++
Creamy sambal pasta @ $20++
Cheesy nachos @ $15++

We got the two mains (pasta and pizza) using burpple beyond 1 for 1 discount.

What was good:
Creamy sambal pasta was yummy and enjoyable. Comes with bacon (which was what we got) or prawns (at additional $3). The sauce was really quite tasty though it's a bit more creamy with just a hint of spice taste in it. Still considerably quite well balanced.

Cheesy nachos was not bad, though we both wish they would distribute the spread more evenly. It looks like the cheese was haphazardly put on the top layer chips, and the guacamole and sour cream are obviously just scooped out and put on top with no spread at all.

What we didnt like:
The smoked duck pizza looks absolutely sad. The dough felt like they were off the shelf / premade. And the ingredients are unevenly spread, some pieces dont even have any smoked duck at all. And it's just that with onions and the sauce.

The calamari was quite bad, tasted very much like rubber. The tartar sauce was abit heavy. They also served this with ketchup (even though we didnt ask for it) which tasted quite strange.

The atmosphere was overall quite good. Seems like the quality of food might be a matter of luck since we have seen some good reviews out there. Might come back to try the mains which are not on the 1for1 menu.

Mixed grill @ $12

Comes with two sauages, black pepper chicken chop and steak. And also fries and coleslaw as sides.

The sausages are super juicy and tasty, the chicken is great as well, tender and super good with the black pepper sauce. The steak was not bad too, just a little tough from being done well, but not to the point of being chewy.

Fries are good too and not too salty. Coleslaw is quite alright.

Overall a great dish and happy with it 😊

Fried enoki @ $10++

When the dish came, we thought about the amount of effort the team had to go through to make the enoki in this shape and ensure evrry part of it is dipped well into the batter so that the whole entire thing is nicely and evenly fried.

The taste is great, think they made a good batter and the mayo with chilli flakes dip was great as well. The staff was also kind enough to bring us extra mayo sauce when we requested for it after the first serving was finished and we still had half of the dish left.

This place is great to hang out after work. We also had 1 for 1 sapporo as part of their happy hour promo. They offer 1 for 1 black sapporo @ $11, 1 for 1 white sapporo @ $10 and 1 for 1 yuanyang sapporo @ $10.50. We went with the yuan yang thinking it will be 1 black and 1 white. But alas we were served with 2 identical drinks, each mixed with both black and white sapporo! We felt quite silly, but thoroughly enjoyed the drinks.

Will be back again!

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Miso roasted bone marrow @ $10++

The soft jelly texture might not be something for everyone, but good that it comes with the bread to balance out the texture and the roasted miso also lends a great taste to the entire dish.

Super good and juicy too.
Would like to be back to try other dishes.

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Truffle fries @ $8.80++
Har cheong pork belly @ $10.80++
Dried tom yum seafood linguine @ $18.80++
Sesame chicken wings @ $9.80++
Black sesame puree with vanilla ice cream @ $6.80++
Pulut hitam with coconut ice cream @ $6.80++
Note that their svc charge is 2% and not 10%.

Came to this place when the other place we wanted to go is fully booked. Got an outdoor seat and vibes was not bad. Initially was afraid there may be lots of flies and insects but there was almost none at all.

Got some sides to start with, tasted alright nothing outstanding and portion felt a bit small.

Then we had the pasta and it was great! Very well seasoned and super tasty and comes with lots of ingredients - prawns, clams, squid and fish.

Then we ended the night with some desserts and so glad that we had them! Black sesame puree with vanilla ice cream was a great combination and the black sesame puree was simply awesome. The pulut hitam was a bit on the thick side and the coconut ice cream kind of drowned in the whole dish, but overall still great.

Will definitely be back again for a date night.

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