The burpple premium set meal comes with hot/cold green tea, soup of the day, Japanese salad and Ebi mentaiyaki. Unlike the usual miso soup, the soup consists of tender slices of fish that add on a natural sweetness to the soup. We ordered the Kei signature Kaisendon and Tamago Mentaiyaki Kaisendon. The ebi mentaiyaki was torched perfectly, the Ebi sashimi remains tender while you can still taste the smoky taste from the mentaiko mayo. The sashimi cubes of the kaisendon were also well marinated. Super worth it with Burpple Beyond. I will definitely be back for more.

Ordered the Mirin Salmon Grain Bowl $12++ and Unagi, Eggs and Toast $16++. The salmon is well-marinated, sautéed mushrooms and carrots are very tasty.
Love the sourdough with the creamy and soft scrambled eggs, the unagi is a little small for the price though. If it’s not for burpple beyond, it’s not worth the price.


Love the variety of flavors here. The pistachio gelato is really good. With burpple beyond, this only cost $5.20 for two.

Original Mazesoba with Braised Pork and Char Siew add additional Ajitama (+$2). The ramen is cooked to the right texture without any alkaline water taste. The braised pork and char siew are tender and flavorful. Definitely value for money with burpple beyond.

This is really good. I like the homemade dough, it’s not too thick, all the seafood toppings are fresh and tasty. Value for money with Burpple Beyond.

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It looks promising however when we realized the chicken is actually chicken sausages instead of real chicken we were really disappointed. The menu is really misleading as it was stated as chicken, not chicken sausage.

The salmon is lightly seasoned, it’s pretty bland without the teriyaki sauce. It would be better if the rice is fried rice or comes with gravy instead. Overall, a pretty bland dish, definitely not worth the price.

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Do not that if you use Burpple Beyond Dark Knight burger option, you must get two Dark Knight burgers. As we wanted to try different mains, we use the Main dish option instead. The Wagyu beef patty is really tender and juicy, I think it’s partly because of the caramelized onions and the juicy portobello mushroom. It’s quite messy to eat though. As for the shoestring fries, it’s way too salty. We had to use the serviette to wipe off the excess salt.

At first bite, it was quite nice. However, halfway through, it gets sweeter and sweeter until it was way too sweet and becomes very jelak. Definitely, my first and last time eating this.

We ordered Fried Chicken and Cubano and shared half of each. We started with the Cubano as we both thought it will be lighter in taste compared to the fried chicken. Pulled pork is well-seasoned, I like the texture of the Turkish pide bread, it’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. It gets slightly salty towards the end because of the ham. Surprisingly, the fried chicken sandwich actually taste lighter than Cubano. The chicken was lightly seasoned, which explains how it’s lighter in taste compared to Cubano. I am very impressed with the tenderness of the chicken thigh, the meat is so tender it just falls apart with a light pinch. It is also very crispy, the buttermilk batter is not too thick, just enough to create a thin crisp surrounding the chicken thigh. Although it’s quite oily, it is totally worth the calories. Thanks to Burpple Beyond, this is really value for money.

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This place has the most interesting ice-cream flavors I’ve ever seen. I ordered Chrysanthemum + Rum & Raisin while my friend ordered Ginger Wasabi Chocolate + Honey Cinnamon. Ginger Wasabi Chocolate is our fav. Rich dark chocolate ice-cream with candied ginger and white chocolate bits with wasabi in it. It’s amazing how all 3 of them can blend so well together. I like the chrysanthemum too, it tastes like a very rich chrysanthemum tea.

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Double berries milkshake taste yummy, just that there are a lot of seeds. Lychee & Rock-melon is an ultimate sweet combi. The lychee gelato is really pure, it’s as if you are eating a whole lychee. The lychee sort of overpowered the rock-melon taste, don’t try this combi. As both are really sweet, I took a long time to finish the drink as it gets quite jelat. I shall just get the gelato next time.

Who says money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy good food and that’s basically the same thing.

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