Laksa Prawn Pasta

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Verdict : 3/5 at best.

Lacking the fragrance of laksa leaves and sauce is too runny. Feels like you’re having a bowl of laksa noodles at $18 minus the fish cakes and fresh cockles.

Someone’s head gotta roll for this 😅

Salted caramel latte iced was good though. Probably saved an implosion on my part😂


Got it in a delivery packaging and the sauce was packed separately from the pasta! Though the food wasn’t hot anymore when I ate it, I enjoyed the meal so much!!!! The laksa was literally like good hawker laksa with the savoury bits of flakes (can’t figure what topping it is but I love it!!!) and tho toppings wise there was only 5 prawns (prawns were huge and fresh) but slightly more ingredients will be appreciated!!

Got here on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed, had to wait about 30min for a table. Got the Laksa Prawn pasta (which I had my eyes on after reading reviews) + Aglio Olio with Prawns. While the food was not bad, the coffee (esp the salted caramel latte) was really worth a shout out! Each cup came with double shot - and yet wasn't that acidic + rly smooth to drink. Will come back to try other items on the menu 🥳

As one of the highly raved signatures, this dish lived up to its hype. An Italian twist to a local favourite, the pasta was fragrant and tasty with each strand being evenly coated with the gravy. The prawns were fresh and there were bits of saltiness from the dried shrimps. The gravy was slightly spicy and could be a tad bit thicker. Nonetheless, a savoury spiced pasta well done.

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Everything we ordered were good and value for money, and the decor of this cafe gives it such warmth. Laksa prawn pasta lived up to the hype - very tasty, had an interesting side to it that sets it apart from regular hawker laksa and also generous with the prawns (a bonus!). Only wished that the menu wouldn’t be misleading for the ultimate combo in the future- it stated that the ultimate combo would come with cheese sausages, but they only gave me one, although it was sizable and succulent. Baileys coffee was good, but the Baileys taste could have been a little stronger. Satisfied with my meal overall!

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462 Laksa Prawn Pasta ($17)
Laksa Prawn Pasta @Tolidosnook not quite the way I remembered it to be but loving this wetter version just as much. I would describe this as laksa with the noodles replaced by spaghetti but missing some cockles and taupok. Well executed, slurp-worthy lemak gravy and a generous portion overall. Dining here just got better with the new #burpplebeyond ‘s 1-for-1 deal. We ended up opting for the NZ Striploin Roast Beef Sandwich ($17) for our other free main. Super worth it brunch overall.

A* rendition of local Singaporeans favorite laksa which leaves everyone in awe after the first bite! Almost a replicate of our laksa with scent of coconut and taste of sambal but with much thickened gravy! It will definitely be a nice dish which warms up your stomach!


The prawns complemented well with the creamy laksa sauce. Something different from the usual cream sauce pastas that I eat. Cost: $16.90

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I am not even a fan of spicy food, but Tolido's rendition of the local favourite perennial dish just blew me away

I love the rich coconut aroma of the laksa sauce, and the spiciness was just right for me. Throw in 5 sizeable juicy prawns and you are good to go. Pasta was al dente too.

Enough said, just hop down and enjoy their weekday lunch promo and enjoy a drink on top of any mains & breakfast items for only $2-$6 depending on drinks ordered.