Featuring Tolido's Espresso Nook (Lavender), Perch (Jewel Changi Airport), Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Breko Café, Greenwood Fish Market (Greenwood Avenue), The Mad Sailors, Blue Label Pizza & Wine (Ann Siang Road), Yellow Cab Pizza Co. (CityLink Mall), LAD & DAD, Red Eye Smokehouse
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Wasn't a big fan of this dish, felt a bit dry and the chorizo wasn't to my preference.

This risotto was also done well, it had a citrusy herby taste that was quite unique. The grilled prawns were good here too, juicy with a nice bite and flavour.

I learnt recently that a well-cooked risotto should spread out to be flat, and this was. This was one of our fav dishes here. The creamy risotto had truffle paste, porcini, pecorino romano, it was mushroomy yet not surfeiting or salty. Rice was cooked well, not too hard or soft, and I thought the crispy mushroom topping was a nice touch

Spaghetti was al dente, and the grilled black tiger prawns in garlic was pretty good - it had a nice char and wasn't overcooked. It came piping hot so it was extra tasty!

I am not typically a fan of cream in carbonara because they drench the pasta in cream, but I liked this dish - their aged brandy cream was delicious, providing moisture and depth of flavour. They used an appropriate quantity such that the cream coats each rigatoni, hence the pasta was not jelat at all. There's pancetta, mushroom, pecorino romano, and egg yolk that added more flavour!

Maybe because we didn't have it immediately, it wasn't as crisp as I had expected. They use truffle paste and not truffle oil (which is mostly chemicals! so truffle paste is better I feel), which gave a subtle truffle aroma. If you dislike the pungent truffle oil smell you'd like this.

Sourdough was pretty good! Crusty edges (but not hard), soft pliable inside, and a slight tanginess. It's not as sour as my fav sourdoughs but the texture was to my preference. It was served with their pesto, marinara, and a mushroomy sauce.

Interesting but the panko-crusted burrata didn't do much for me, but the basil sauce was yummy! Herby, bright and refreshing. We mopped it up with the sourdough.

Loved both pizzas!! Pepperoni had the right amt of savoury and Mario truffle had the right balance


I liked the crisp coating of batter. The batter on bf's fried fish was nicer (like vietnamese netting fried spring roll). Fish itself is average, like what u get at normal western stalls. the seasonal veg was nice, but a bit too oily. Overall decent, we came bc we realised we haven’t eaten it in like 10 years. But I think it was nicer last time. It’s not not nice, but I won’t crave for this.

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corn chips, roasted salsa, pecorino

It was good, the corn chips were thin and crisp, tasted quite fresh (not sure if they fry it themselves??)

The spinach and artichoke dip was earthy, coupled with the pecorino which was a bit stinky (in a good way) and cheesy. Each time I eat artichokes I don’t rly get the hype lol it tastes like bamboo shoots to me. I liked the spinach part nonetheless. My friend thought it didn’t rly pair well with the chips and I see where he’s coming from but I was okay! The roasted salsa was delicious, it was hearty and well-balanced, those went really well with the chips.

We had 5 pax and I think it was a good size for us.

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Artisan cheese and charcuterie handmade dip/s, gourmet crackers, house-roasted nuts, premium chocolate, fruit, olives, pickles, crudités, vine tomatoes, quince paste and herbs/edible flowers, pork deli meat.

1 dip, 3 cheeses 3 meats - website says it feeds 3-4 pax! 3 of us *almost* managed to finish it, nibbling here and there towards the end of our 3-4 hour picnic. We had this + a box of aburi sushi from donki for dinner. Was pretty nice, everything was fresh / crunchy as it is supposed to be! Eat the crackers first as they became soggy at the end of the night.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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