Classic Braised Pork Belly Rice

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Hidden inside Fu Chan Food Paradise, this stall serves Hong kong cuisine like their signature salted baked chicken rice or braised pork belly rice.

I like the presentation with porched egg at the center and corns. $5.80

Previously a cafe at Everton Park, they are now a coffee shop stall found in Jurong East. Limited items on the menu that includes this signature salt baked chicken rice and classic braised pork belly rice. You can have just the entire salt baked chicken thigh at $5 or with the noodles at $6.50 too, but I have no idea why the price difference for the noodles and rice.

As we were eating, I saw the oven fully lined with whole chickens being baked. You could tell that they were carefully baked for a long time from the tender meat of the gigantic chicken thigh, served on parchment paper. However, it was a tad too salty from the soya sauce that's also drizzled over, which made the original salt flavour hard to be tasted. Had my rice all soaked with soya sauce and still there were excess soya sauce left behind. Perhaps they could go easy on that.

Sliced cucumbers were served on the side and you could also help yourself to the boiled chicken soup (there's really chicken meat!) over the counter.

Sing HK Cafe is back after a hiatus every since they closed their store at Everton Park (now occupied by At The Myo); now named as Sing's, the new concept is now a coffeeshop stall that is situated within Fu Chan Coffeeshop at Blk 134 Jurong East Gateway (the HDB blocks are located beside JCube) serving up rice and noodle dishes with salt-baked chicken and also their signature braised pork belly.

While the presentation now looks slightly different with slight changes with the condiments that come on the side, the bowl was ultimately comforting; the braised pork belly being flavourful and tender; savoury yet without a porky stench and really fatty at the same time — a sheer pleasure considering how well-sized each piece was. Instead of tomatoes and onions that used to come with the entire bowl, sous-vide egg, corn, Ikan Bilis and pickled cucumbers come with the Classic Braised Pork Belly Rice instead — pretty decent especially considering how the corn kernels added a hint of sweetness while the Ikan Bilis were crisp. Glad that these guys made their return despite the slight change of concept!