Mazesoba Nagoya Style

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Mazesoba can be explained as Japanese dry Ramen, which Maze means "to mix" and soba simply means noodles.
How to eat Mazesoba? First you mix everything for 20 seconds. Then add vinegar or chili oil, depending on your preferences. When you had finish eating, you can request for a small portion of rice to mix with the remaining sauce by mentioning “OIMESHI!” to their staff. They also offer free noodles upsize, so it's guarantee that you'll leave the restaurant with a happy stomach.

They have pretty affordable price too; Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style ($12.80++) Original Mazesoba with Karaage ($15.80++) KAJIKEN Singapore is the first shop dedicated to Mazesoba in Singapore, and they are conveniently located at Paya Lebar Square #01-86.

Thanks @kajikenatpls for the lunch.

Dry style ramen.price - $12.50
Similar to Chinese style bak chor mee with spicy minced pork, soft boiled egg & chopped spring onion.

This ain't the prettiest nor sexiest bowl, but I'm quite smitten by this spicy bowl of dry ramen! 😍 Adding on a ramen egg and kimchi ($1.50 each) was a great idea and really went well with the fiery, meaty sauce and spring onions.

Like a zha jiang mian, mix it all up for good measure and start slurping down. The noodles was a nice thick, chewy texture and was even better when you add in a good hit of vinegar. After you're done, ask for "oimeshi" and to get a small portion of rice to mix into the remaining meat sauce! You'll confirm be walking away from this meal with a full belleh! 🍚


Order the Mazesoba Nagoya style ($12.80) which comes with yellow medium fat thickness noodles + spicy minced pork + soft boil egg + seaweed & loads of spring onions! Superbly tasty! House rules says to mix for 20s like cha Jiang meon style. I mixed for 10s and when straight to gobble the 220g noodle (there's a smaller version which is the regular 140g). Both sizes cost the same in case you are wondering! Verdict: tasty but too jelat for me.

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PS: comes with free green tea but the container containing the tea looked too gross so didn't try :/


Stir for a good 20 second and you are ready to devour the bowl of Mazasoba! There is saltiness from their secret sauce and a slight spice from the minced meat. Noodles are slightly harder than others but we are not concerned with it. The best part of the meal is that you can get Oimeishi (small portion of rice) to mix with the leftovers!

Mazesobe With All Toppings, $15.80
As it's name suggest, we had all toppings available in our bowl. There was fried chicken, char siew, braised pork, bamboo shoots, nori, spring onions and an egg. Similarly, stir for 20 second and it will be ready to consume. For Kae, this lacked a spicy kick so he added lots of chill oil and powder to fit his tastebud! Both the char siew and braised pork were tender but Kae preferred the latter because it was tastier (saltier)!



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